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153 To break a Bar of [A.S. "iron"]
Reduce Soap to a thick
Paste, & anoint the Bar with it where
you would break it; then smeer the
Place 5 or 6 times with a Hair [?]
dippd in [A.S. "water"] [ardens?] made as below
rectified 3 times & it will act upon the
[A.S. "iron"] so that in [?] wou may break it easily.

[?] Perhaps
Soft Soap will
do as well.

153 Aqua Ardens
In 2 Quarts of strong
White Wine infuse [?] of good [?] [C.V?]
[?] [?] [A.S. "sulphur"] viv: [?] the Same of good [A.S. "tartar"] &
the same of [A.S. "salt"] all well [A.S. "powder"]d then [A.S.] in
a well [A.S.]d [A.S. "alembic"] & rectify twice & preserve
the Sp. in a Glass well closed -

154. The Greek Fire
Which burns so [fiercely?] that
Nothing can quench it but [A.S. "urine"] in [A.S.] or

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[A.S.] denotes an Alchemy Symbol. I have identified them when possible.
Aqua Ardens is a distilled spirit.