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& pour it to the [aaa{underscore} A.S. "amalgam"] of [A.S. "gold"] & [A.S. "mercury"] & mix
them well over the [A.S. "fire"] with an [A.S."iron"] spatula
when well mixed pour in [?] of your
preserved [Forge?] [A.S. "water"] & [A.S.] them s.a. & when cold
you will find it good [A.S. "gold"] -

152. Ivory to soften
Rasp a Piece of Ivory file
ibis white, then boil it in filtered salt
Water with [?] of Mandragore Root
& you will try if it is soft enough to be
cast in a mold with a Spatula -
which Mold must be a little warm
& very clean, when cast. let it cool
& [?] the Figure to the Dew 2 or
3 Days following -

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[A.S] denotes an alchemy symbol. I have identified them when possible.