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lay some of the [A.S.] upon the [A.S. gold] a Finger
thick & set it in the Fire in a [A.S. crucible]. & the
[A.S. gold] will melt without burning the Shell
you may do this with other metals

151. [A.S. lead] to change to fine [A.S. gold]
[f.?] [A.S.] [?] in aa{underscore} of Forge
[A.S. water] well clarified by Filtration & let
the [f.?] remain [?] [?] to be a perfect
Filter the [f.?] well & [?] in [A.S.] by [A.S. alembic].
& preserve the [?] in a strong Glass
well closed - put in a [A.S. crucible] [?] of good
purified [A.S. mercury] well covered with [leather?]
to prevent the evaporation, & when
it begins to boil, throw in [?] of
[A.S. gold] in then [?] or [?]
& take the [A.S. crucible] from the [A.S. fire] - Melt
[?] of [A.S. lead] purified as in Page 132

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[A.S.] stands for Alchemy Symbol. I have identified them when possible.