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the [Alchemy Symbol] but you must put into a good
[A.S. earth] Vessel that will bear the [A.S.] & sprinkle
the [A.S.] with good Ag: Rosar: stop
the Vessel well & put it into the
[?] & [?] [A.S. fire] till the Vessel is red
hot. Let it cool & your [A.S. precipitate] is made

149. To [?] [A.S. gold] easily
Rx Deers Blood fresh killd & [?] by [?] cohobate 5 times, by [?]
the Liquor upon the [?] the
5th time preserve the Liquor well
closed with a Stopper, this will [A.S.]
[A.S. gold] in your Hand without any Danger

150. Another
Rx [A.S. nitre] [?] - [A.S. sulphur] [?] Dry Saw
Dust of Walnut Tree, reduce all to an
impalpable Powder: fill a Walnut
Shell 1/2 full with it, & put upon the Surface
a small plate of [A.S. gold] or [A.S. silver] so as to cover it

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[A.S.] stands for Alchemy Symbol. I have identified them when possible.