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you will have the true Secret by V[?]
them in a proper Glass. & what remains
at the Bottom may be Xd to 100,000 -

[Alchemy symbol for gold] Vitae {underscore}
Rx [A.S. mercury] [?] purged with [A.S. salt] [?]
[?] add of fine [A.S.]d [A.S. gold] [?] make an
aaa{underscore} in a warm China or Earthen
Basan, pour the aaa{underscore} into cold
[A.S. water] & if there is any [A.S. mercury] [?]
pass it thro Leather to purify it &
mix it with the aaa{underscore} which you
must wash with [A.S.] [?] till quite
clean - [?] of [A.S. gold] you must use
[?] of good [A.S. mercury]. Then put the
aaa{underscore} into an [A.S. alembic] [?] [?]
good Clay; pour on of good [A.S.] [?]
& [?] in [?] cohobate 5 times.
& you will have a [A.S.] [?] in

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[A.S.] stands for Alchemy Symbol. I identified them when possible.