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Perhaps your Time will not
be lost if you mix the foregoing with the
true Balsam of [Alchemy symbol for Mercury] made as follows

Balsam of

Rx of the best [A.S. mercury] [?], pass it
3 times thro Leather, & then purge it with
good [?] [?] put this into a strong [?]
[drawing of beaker] with [A.S.] [A.S.] [A.S.] & [A.S.] [?] Seal
it hermetically & [A.S.] in proper [Heat?] for
[A.S.] [A.S.] X V. & you will find that a [?] greasy
[?] like the Pus of the [?]
then [?] by Deg. in [A.S] till white Liquor
like Milk falls into the [Recipiem?]
cohotate & [rectify?] The [?] [?] will
produce a white [sweet?] [A.S.] not corrosive
which far surpasses all other [?]
[A.S.] Mix this with the [?] Process
& you will do Wonders - An Arabean
M.S.S. says that with these 2 Elixers
joind together with P of [A.S.] of [A.S.]

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[A.S.] stands for Alchemy Symbol.