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[?{underscored}] from the [?{underscore}] by a lawful [alchemy symbol],
& by a divine Manuduction & mix
[?] of [erup?] [A.S.] crude with the [A.S.]
[erup?] [A.S.] [?] united the whole &
{text struck through} [let it be{underscore}] moderately, [black{underscore}]
then more [white{underscore}] & at last perfectly
[Red{underscore}] & You will have an
[Elixer{underscore}] which will produce All the
[?] [?] say, & you will have the
[A.S.] [?]of the most inestimable [?]
of Nature - the true [A.S.] [Potabele{underscore}], &
[Universal Medicine{underscore}]-
I have proved its Effect
by the perfect Health I enjoy at [?]
10 years [?] Work & be happy
as I have been; & as I wish you to be
in the Name & Power of the G. A.
of the U.

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A.S in brackets stands for Alchemy Symbol.
"G. A. of the U." Can only mean God Almighty of the Universe.