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At the same time he conjures
his Son; by all he holds sacred; to keep
this Secret in the Closet of his Heart
under the Seal of Silence: & that if he [?]
it properly: it will be the Means of the
greatest Happiness, & that when he is
old & infirm, it will restore him to
the Strength & Health of Youth, & be
his Comfort in Affliction; as it cures
[all Diseases {underscore}]: meliorates the [base {underscore}]
[Metals {underscore}], & makes those who possess it
full of Comfort: & was given by the
Ancients to their Children under
the most inviolable Oath of Secrecy.
If then you are in Possession of
it, [remember the Poor & Needy {underscore}]; the
[Widow & Orphan {underscore}]: which are the Condi:
:tions & Character of this wonderful
Know, & remember that

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