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them with an Ivory Spatula for a 1/4
of an Hour to a Paste, & when it is a
proper Consistence wash it gently
with [symbol - aqua regia] [P.?], then evaporate the [symbol - water]
upon warm Ashes, & work it afresh
with [P^2?] Bean [symbol - water], then pour the Paste
into a small Glass Vessel well stopped
& 8. [qd.?] xv. in a gentle Heat & form
Pearls in a [symbol - silver?] Mold, that will form
4 or 5 of [quee?] of different sizes,
more or less round, the better to emilate[emulate]
the Natural: taking Care to [preevu?]
them while soft with a Hogs Bristle
Then hang them in an XX well
closed, least the [symbol - air] should a Heed them
putting the Vessel into [symbol - gravel] with a moderate
Heat for [?] [ij?] [2?] then take them out
& roll them separately in [symbol - silver?] Leaf.
Then have ready a Barbel or [Camp?]

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