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Take this Water, & draw off
the Spirit from the [Flegm?] in which
there will be as much Difference as
between River Water or rather Sea Water
& Heaven - The superior Waters will
appear in the form of a volatile Salt,
or a limpid & crystalline liquor, whose
unctuous Nature is such that it may
be raised by a B.V. or a very gentle
Heat & part of it will stick in the
Head of the Alembic like Hail. the other
Part will come over in the Recipient
in an unctuous Liquor like the purest
Water. This Liquor is of the Nature of
[?] because contrary to the Nature of
common [?] it unites with the [Flym?]

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An alembic is an alchemy still used in distilling consisting of two vessels connected by a tube.