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on this Composition to lay on one two to
six layers of drying oil letting each
layer dry before you put on another
to get the better of the grease wax on
[drain?] oil that may be in it
and that the tincture may lay
the better this precaution is also
necessary for soft Boots upon which
you must lay on the Black tincture
and two layers of varnish over it

Preparation of the Varnish
Rx Prussian blue [?]
Fine red Indigo [?]
Powder these apart & mix them
with a little drying Oil, or [Resin?]
[water?], & put them in separate Pots
[?] Rx Gum Copal [??]
Nut oil prepared as
the drying oil [?]
[Resin water?] [?]
Put the Copal [coarsly?] bruised into
with a [?] a Vial upon a brisk Fire [without?] [?]

The French call it
Indigo [curree?]
a Gorge de Pigeon
Eau de Resine
[elfevel of turpentine?]

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Gorge de Pigeon refers to a color.