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Status: Complete

One whole vegetation will be found in a 1/4 of
an Hour -

This vegetation maybe verced either
with thinner women srusted Branches for the
weaker the water the longer will be the Ramifica
tions beforming and the contrary if the water be
strong. The whole Surface of the aaa will be in
an instent coverd with a thick Shrub.

2d Sept.

Dissolve well Metal you please in
Ag. fort. or Ag. Reg. evaporate to dryness, and you
will have agrey, green as brown Map.
[?] to the Metal. Rx [recipe] of this Map
the Size of a Pea, and put it into some of the
Liquor of (Hinks made by Beliq: In 3 or 4
Minutes you will have a Shoot of the
Sire of a Bow, with will rise higher and 1
or 2 Branches will shoot with a small
[?] of Air at Top.

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