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the Root be propationable: the Roots of
young Trees to be preferrd to older ones
as they will better taken the Sap, +
areneth the Graft, the best Roots are sawed
from Kernels,+ may be drawn at 1, 2 or 3
years old _ Plums, Cherries, Apricots and
Peaches may be then raised -

Rx.[recipe] fine silver Filings ℥üÿ -[ symbol ]℥ÿ-
make a cold Metallic
by Himberg

a Septier is an
Golden or heavy
too quick making
12 quarts.

Rx[recipe] of this Liquer ℥i. or there abouts. put it into a
small Vial, add about the Size of a Pea of a common
a a a [with a line over the top is symbol for amalgam]of Gold or Silver, let the Glass stand a few
minutes + you will see small Filaments rise
from the a a a [with a line over the top is symbol for amalgam] . w will continue sheoting from
Branches from their sides, + at last small [?]
will rise - The aaa will grows herd, and of a dirty
white, but the little Shrubs will be like Silver.

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septier- Early 16th century. From Middle French, French †septier, Middle French, French setier measure of capacity for grain and other commodities, measure of capacity for liquids, measure of land equal to the area of land that can be sown with one setier of grain from classical Latin sextārius.


The a a a with line over the three a's, is symbol for amalgam: gold with mercury, usually.