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To raise Fruit Trees
[in the margin] [double line]
Take a Piece of the Root of
any Apple, or Pear Tree, about 6 Inches long
and Tongue graft a [Seyen?] of Apple or Pear
into the Root, thus, Cut the Root of the
Graft a slope, about an Inch, + until very
smooth; then cleave them both about an
Inch, and insert them into each other,
that the Sap of the Graft may join the
Sap of the Root as much as possible
lap the jointed Part with a little Hemp
or Flax [Hurds?], + set the Root to grafted
into the [Ground?], about 10 or 12 inces deep,
that the joint may be coverd [A?] inches under
the Earth, shell it may wet be quick bound
but rest moist, by the Earth. The Root must
not be less then the Seyen, but both of the
same Bigness is best, that you may join
them on both Sides- The Graft may be
any [shaet fair?] Branch es by as a,
[Mavi Fanisser?], + 5 or 6 feet long, provided

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