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[in the left margin]
[Brukdun tty and
R.B. You sneerl
have two Keltty
to wife oltemately
fer large werk?]
and ther in "ud Oker" [underlined] or powdered brick
dust, werk it warm, if too thick Cover with Oil
too thin add resin
[double line]
To keep Wet from Shoes
[double line]
Rx. Rosen ℥i - Mutton Suet ℥ÿ-
Neats foot Oil ℥iÿ- Mix these well
+ soak the Shoes, Soles. [fe?] well, fer 14 days
scrape + wear them a day, baste them
again, + hang them up for 14 days
[double line]
To clear muddy water to drink
[double line]
Throw in ℥ss of Allum powdered to
12 Gallons of muddy water, + in one hour
+ half it will be perfectly clear.

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