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Sunday, First Impressions 1862
-ring as to secure respect? It will
never be done by an apologetic, in-
sinuating way of going to work.
I wish they would all say out aloud
quietly, respectfully, firmly, "We
have come to do anti slavery work,
and we think it noble work & we
mean to do it earnestly."
Instead of this they do not even tell
the slaves that they are free, and they
lead them to suppose that if they
do not do so & so, they may be re-
turned to their master. They keep in
the background with the army the
benevolence of their plans, or the jus-
tice of them & merely insist upon
the immediate expediency which
I must say is not very apparent.
If they do not take higher ground their
cause & reputations are lost. But the
work will go on - May I help it!

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