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Tuesday, First Impressions 1862
I have seen little but have had two
talks with both Mr. Pierce & Mr. French
and have heard from Mrs. Forbes
much of what has been going on, as
she sees it. Mr. Hooper also en-
lightens me a little & Mr. Philbrick.
They all say that the cotton agents
have been a great trouble & prom-
ise still to be - but Mr. French says
we have gained the victory there.
There seems to me to be a great want
of systems, and most incongrouw ele-
ments here some of the women of New York
are uneducated & coarse manner in
their looks, but I should think some
of them at least are earnest - & hard
workers such as Mrs. Hale. Perhaps
they are better fitted for this work than
people of more refinement, for it cer-
tainly takes great nerve to walk here
among the soldiers & negroes & not
be disgusted or shocked or pained
so much as to give it all up.

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