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Dr Sir A few days past Col. Peterfield lodged with me the University Seals, Opportunities to your place not offering have sent it in Care of W. Judgeson who will embrace the [same] trust conveyance to you. [I am]

Dr Sir Your HumbleHble Servt Ben Williams

13th October 1791 Col Robt. Burton Secretary of the Trustees has thought it neceſsary to send an [[illegible]]reſs for the Seal I must

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I must therefore request Mr. Judson to deliver it to lo him on his order

James Hogg

M. Judson, or any other person at Mrs. Sherlocks who may have the within mentioned Seal, will please deliver it to the [Burser] M. Jaytor

Ro. Burton Sec Hillsboro

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Concerning the University Seal

James Hogg Esquire Hillsborough

To [Mr Judson for the university [sele]

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S I R,

AT a Meeting of the Truſtees of the Univerſity of North Carolina the 25th of November; 1790, It was Reſolved, That this Board do meet on the third Monday in July next, at the Town of Hillſborough, in order to fix on the place where the Buildings of the Univerſity ſhall be erected, and to do and perform ſuch other acts and things as appertain to, and may tend to forward and promote that Inſtitution.

Which Reſolution I was directed to inform you of and requeſt your attendance accordingly.

I have the honor to be, With great respect, S I R, Your moſt humble Servant,

Rockingham County,

James Taylor Jur

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NovemberNovr 25 1790 from [[illegible]] to the Trustees of the University of North Carolina

Henry W. Harrington Esqr

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