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Reappointment over the age of 65

Permission is requested to reappoint Mr. John Ready Drummy as
Special Lecturer in Economics at a salary of $1,900 from College funds
for service of one-quarter time, effective September 1, 1964. Mr.
Drummy's birthdate is July 9, 1899.


Homer Edwin Beam, Associate Professor of Agricultural Education
resigned October 31, 1964 to accept a position as President of Caldwell
Technical Institute.


Chancellor Sharp presented the following:

Personnel Report and Recommendations


Benjamin Franklin Swalin, Professor of Music in Extension and
Director of the Forth Carolina Svmphony Society, is recommended
for an increase in salary from $12,000 to $15,000, entire salary to be
paid from the North Carolina Symphony Society and is to be effective
as of July 1, 1964.

Leaves of Absence

Elie Maynard Adams, Chairman and Professor, Department of Philoso-
phy, was granted a Kenan Leave of Absence with salary for the Fall
Semester 1963. The burden of work was such that he could not take the leave
at that time. We are now renewing the request for Kenan leave for the
Spring Semester 1965 in order that he may complete a publication in his

Joseph St. Jean, Associate Professor, Department of Geology, is recom-
mended for a leave of absence with salary for Spring Semester 1965. The
National Academy of Sciences has selected Dr. St. Jean to participate in
their exchange program with the Soviet Acadamy of Sciences. If he is
accepted by the Soviet Academy his expenses and a stipend will be paid by
it and he will receive no university salary. Should he not be accepted
he will remain in America and work on several projects underway and
will receive university salary.

Robert L. Hilliard, Associate Professor, Department of Radio, Television
and Motion Pictures, is recommended for a leave of absence, without
salary, from October 1, 1964 through August 31, 1965, in order to serve
with the Federal Communications Commission.

Raymond C. Pfleger, Radiation Safety Officer, is recommended for a
leave of absence without salary from February 1, 1965 to June 1, 1966,
in order to complete work toward a Ph.D.


Abraham Wildra, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, resigned
August 31, 1964, to accept a post at the College of Medicine of The
University of Illinois.

Mr. Pearsall moved that the above report of Chancellor Sharp be
approved. The motion was duly seconded and the report was unanimously

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