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Raleigh, North Carolina
Governor's Office
November 13, 1964

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University
of North Carolina met in regular session in the office of Governor Sanford,
m Raleigh, at 10:30 A.M., on Friday, November 13, 1964, with the follow-
ing members present: Mrs. Lathrop, Messrs. Maynard, Barber, Mintz,
Noble, Hill, Bryant, Pearsall and Taylor; Billie Curtis, Assistant Secretary.

In the absence of Governor Sanford, Mr. Barber was elected to preside.

President Friday was recognized and he called on the Chancellors for
their reports:

North Carolina State

Chancellor Caldwell presented the following personnel report and
recommendations which were, on motion of Mr. Pearsall, duly seconded,
unanimously approved:


Gerald Seymour Leventhal, as Assistant Professor of Psychology,
Schools of Education and Liberal Arts, at annual salary of $8,200
from College funds for nine months effective September 1, 1964.
This is a new position. Personal: Born 1936, Brooklyn, New York.
Married. No children. Education: B.A. Queens College 1957; Ph.
D. Duke University 1962. Experience: Fellow, Brooklyn College
1957-59, Teaching and Research Assistant to National Institute of
Mental Health Predoctoral Fellow, Duke University 1959-62;
N. I. M. H. Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University 1962-63;
Acting Assistant Professor, UCLA 1963-64. Interviewed by:
Dean Walter J. Peterson.

John Frederick Roberts, as Assistant Professor of Zoology, School
of Agriculture and Life Sciences, at annual salary of $11,500 for
twelve months from College and Station funds, effective July 1, 1965.
Personal: Born 1928, Gallup, New Mexico. Married. Six children.
Education: B.S, 1956, Ph.D. 1964, University of Arizona. Experience
Graduate Teaching Assistant to Instructor, University of Arizona
1956-60, Assistant Professor, New Mexico Highlands University
1961-65. Interviewed by: Dean Walter J. Peterson.

John Noble Perkins, as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineer-
ing at annual salary of $11,000 for nine months from College funds,
effective February 1, 1965. Personal: Born 1934, Anniston, Alabama.
Married. Three children. Education: B.S. 1956, M. S. 1958, Ph.D.
1963, Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Experience: Instructor to
Associate Professor, Virginia Polytechnic Institute 1957-63;
Research Engineer, NASA, Langley Field Virginia 1959 and 1962;
Research Scientist, Kaman Nuclear, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1963-65. Interviewed by: Dean Harry C. Kelly.

Harry Eldon Scott, as Extension Associate Professor of Entomology
at annual salary of $12,000 from Extension funds, effective November
1, 1964. Personal: Born 1916, Ontario, Canada. Married. Seven
children. United States Citizen. Education: B.S. A. Ontario Agricultural
College 1941; Ph.D. Cornell University 1952. Experience: Assist-
ant Entomologist, Imperial Parasite Service, Ottawa, Canada 1941;

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