Volume 08: September 10, 1962–May 25, 1964





adopted by the Executive Committee on July 9, 1962 is hereby repealed.

President Friday

President Friday reported briefly on the proposed University campus at Charlotte and on the proposed Faculty Retirement Program. He states that a meeting would be held in Raleigh on November 14th to discuss the retirement proposals.

The meeting then adjourned to convene with the full Board in the Hall of the House of Representatives at 11:00 o'clock.

[signature] Billie Curtis Assistant Secretary

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11/12/62 - Spec. B/T

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Raleigh, North Carolina Hall of the House of Representatives November 12, 1962

The Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina met in Special Session in the Hall of the House of Representatives, State Capitol Building, Raleigh, North Carolina, at 11:00 o'clock, A.M., on Monday, November 12, 1962, Governor Terry Sanford presiding, Arch T. Allen, Secretary.

The meeting opened with prayer by Mr. Luther Hamilton. On roll call the following members answered present:

Mrs. Oscar Barker Mrs. George Wilson Irwin Belk Arch T. Allen Mrs. John G. Burgwyn Ike F. Andrews S. N. Clark, Jr. Wm. C. Barfield T. J. Collier Mrs. J. W. Copeland Eugene Cross Frank Hull Crowell Ben E. Fountain Percy B. Ferebee George Watts Hill Herbert Hardy M. C. Lassiter Wm. B. Harrison Rudolph I. Mintz Mack Jernigan Thomas O. Moore G. N. Noble Ashley M. Murphy Ernest E. Parker, Jr. T. Henry Redding Mrs. B. C. Parker Mrs. Charles W. Stanford Wm. P. Saunders John W. Urnstead, Jr. Evander S. Simpson Walter L. Smith Sam L. Whitehurst Dr. Shahane Taylor Dr. Francis A. Buchanan C. M. Vanstory, Jr. Lenox G. Cooper Marshall Y. Cooper Hill Yarborough Wade Barber Wilbur H. Currie Victor S. Bryant Calvin Graves Henry A. Foscue Mrs. Albert H. Lathrop Luther Hamilton Dr. John Gilmer Mebane W. C. Harris, Jr. Kemp B. Nixon W. A. Johnson Thomas J. Pearsall Robert B. Jordan, III James L. Pittman Mrs. J. B. Kittrell Mrs. L. Richardson Preyer John Lassiter H. L. Riddle, Jr. John Van Lindley Roy Rowe R. Walker Martin W. Lunsford Crew C. Knox Massey C . Lacy Tate Reid A. Maynard H. P. Taylor Mrs. S. L. Rodenbough W. Frank Taylor A. Alex Shuford F. E. Wallace Oscar Vatz Cameron S. Weeks Fred L. Wilson

The following members were absent:

Mitchell Britt A. Roy Cox John H. Kerr, Jr. D. L. McMichael Thomas Turner Macon M. Williams Dr. Jesse B. Caldwell Larry I. Moore Clarence L. Pemberton John P. Stedman Mrs. Ed M. Anderson Bowman Gray J. Frank Huskins Frank Parker Claude W. Rankin Thomas B. Upchurch, Jr. Graham W. Bell J. Hanes Lassiter William C. Medford William G. Reid B. Atwood Skinner Dr. L. H. Swindell Ben C . Trotter J. Shelton Wicker

Charles F. Carroll, ex-officio member

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Honorary Life Members

John Motley Morehead William R. Kenan Luther H. Hodges John W. Clark

Messages were received from the following members expressing regrets for their inability to be present:

Dr. L. H. Swindell J. Hanes Lassiter Mrs. Ed M. Anderson Bowman Gray John P. Stedman Claude W. Rankin

Mr. Stedman and Mrs. Anderson were absent because of illness.

Administrative Code

Governor Sanford called on Judge Mintz for a report of the Special Committee on revision of the Administrative Code.

Judge Mintz thanked Mr. Claude Teague, Mr. Weaver, members of his Committee and others who labored so diligently to bring this report to the Board. He then presented a printed draft of the revised Code, which with a few corrections of minor clerical errors, he offered for adoption.

Mr. Hamilton seconded the motion for adoption.

The Code was then discussed at length, and Mr. Weeks called attention to that section dealing with the right of a faculty member to have advice and assistance in his own defense where the same right is denied a student. It was pointed out that a student does have the right to counsel among the student body and that counsel may be of his own choice or that of his parents.

Chancellor Aycock explained that it is the policy of the faculty and the Chancellor, at Chapel Hill, not to permit legal counsel before a student council organization. Were legal counsel permitted for the defense, then legal counsel would have to be called in for the prosecution. The students do the prosecuting and the students do the convicting. In the event a student desires (student) defense counsel, this wish is always granted. It is felt that the student council process must work both ways, and that to have legal counsel in a student council hearing would be carryin the hearing into what might be regarded as a criminal court.

President Friday supplemented Chancellor Aycock's remarks by pointing out that a faculty member has tenure status - a contractural relationship - which does not apply to a student. He also stated that the present procedure has worked in the University for more than a hundred years, and

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as a former Dean of Students, he had no impression of any injustice having been done.

Also there was considerable discussion by Mr. Harrison and Mr. Harris concerning athletics. Mr. Harris suggested that a 21-member Visiting Committee was too large for effective work, and he felt that three separate committees should be created: One, a Committee on Faculty Affairs; one a Committee on Student Affairs, and the other, a Committee on Athletics. This matter was discussed at length, and Mr. Harris made a substitute motion as follows:

"Moved that we adopt the recommendations of the Code Committee with the exception of Section 2-11 (d) VISITING COMMITTEE - and that that section be referred back to the Code Committee for further consideration."

The substitute motion of Mr. Harris was seconded by Mr. Harrison and it was defeated by a large majority.

President Friday, in response to a statement made by Mr. Harris in connection with the above motion, assured every member of the Board that at any time they wanted any information on any issue, every office of the University is open to them seven days a week.

Mr. Yarborough offered a substitute motion, reading as follows:

Moved that Section 2-11 of the recommended text on page 24 of the recommended Revisions in the Administrative Code be amended by inserting in the 10th line, after the words "except the Executive Committee" the words "and the Visiting Committee", and by changing the word "four" in the 3rd line of Section 2-11(d), on page 30 of the Recommended Revisions in the Administrative Code, to the word "six", and that with these amendments the Recommended Revisions in the Administrative Code of the University of North Carolina be adopted.

Thereupon the Recommended Revisions in the Administrative Code, including the substitutions offered by Mr. Yarborough, were put to a vote and they were adopted.




The University of North Carolina, the North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering, and the North Carolina College for Women are consolidated and merged into "The University of North Carolina." (G.S. 116-2)

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