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removal. The natural beauty of the area will not be impaired; on the contrary, we are assured that it will be enhanced. The proceeds of the sale of the timber and pulpwood will be deposited to the Mason Scholarship Fund.

Mr. Umstead moved that the above recommendation be approved, the motion was duly seconded and it was unanimously approved.

Request for authorization to execute quitclaim deed:

President Friday also presented the following resolution with respect to a quitclaim deed to the North Carolina Beta Foundation, Inc. , for the purpose of clearing the title to the property:


WHEREAS, the University of North Carolina by quitclaim deed dated the 10th day of February, 1936, and recorded in Book 106, page 71, Orange County Registry, conveyed to the Board of Education of Orange County a certain tract or parcel of land on the condition that said land be used for the erection of a school by the Board of Education of Orange County, but in the event that said property should ever cease to be used for such purpose, said Board of Education was to reconvey the property in question to the University of N. C. ; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education of Orange County, at the express direction of the officials of the University of North Carolina, conveyed by quitclaim deed dated the 3rd day of May, 1937, recorded in Book 130, page 114, Orange County Registry, to certain Trustees of the North Carolina Beta Chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity a portion of the aforesaid tract of land, which portion is described below:

BEGINNING at a point on the East side of a 17.75 foot alley, said point being located 220 feet from the South side of McCauley Street measuring along the East side of the alley, running thence North 89 degrees East 185 feet; thence running in a Southwesterly direction along the arc of a curve with a 25 foot radius 39 feet; thence South 89 degrees West 160 feet to the East side of the aforementioned alley; thence North 9 degrees 40 minutes East 25 feet to the place and point of BEGINNING.

AND WHEREAS, the Board of Education of Orange County did in fact cease to use the aforementioned tract of land for school purposes, and pursuant to the condition upon which it originally accepted said land, said Board of Education reconveyed said land in its entirety to the University of North Carolina by deed dated the 4th day of June, 1945, recorded in Book 121, Page 161, Orange County Registry, reciting therein that the conveyance was executed freed and discharged of all claims of the grantor and anyone taking under it; and

WHEREAS, the conveyance set out in Book 130, Page 114, Orange County Registry is prior in execution but subsequent in recordation to the deed recorded in Book 121, Page 161, Orange County Registry; and

WHEREAS, the N. C. Beta Foundation, Inc., as grantee of the Trustees for N. C. Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta has requested that the State of North Carolina and the University of North Carolina release to the N. C. Beta Foundation, Inc., any right, title or interest they may have in said property:

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NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina hereby approves the request of N. C. Beta Foundation, Inc. and authorizes the University officials to present the matter to the North Carolina Department of Administration for consideration and action.

Mr. Barber moved that the above resolution be adopted and Mr. Maynard seconded the motion. The resolution was adopted by unanimous vote.

Demolition of Building located at 211 Pittsboro Street in Chapel Hill

Formal approval was given to the recommendation of the University Administration and the Committee on Real Estate to demolish an old, unused and unsightly frame building located at 211 Pittsboro Street in Chapel Hill so that the lot may be used to increase the parking facilities of the Carolina Inn. Any proceeds that may be derived from razing the building will be used to improve the lot for parking.

President Friday

President Friday gave an oral report on the following: 1. Enrollment figures for the opening of the three units of the University this Fall; 2. Proposed retirement program; 3. Stated that the Advisory Budget Commission will consider the University's "B" budgets on September 14. 4. He gave an outline of the final report of the Carlyle Commission. Copies of this report will be furnished as soon as they are available.

Educational Television:

Mr. Weaver made a report on recent activities of the Governor's Commission on Educational Television. The Commission, comprised of 27 members, was appointed on May 15 to explore ways and means of extending the benefits of educational television to the people of North Carolina. There have been two meetings, July 15 and August 19. alternative plans: Under discussion are the formation of an independent state agency for educational television with WUNC-TV as one of the components, and the extension and expansion of WUNC-TV as the State's vehicle for educational television. Mr. Weaver, as Secretary of the Commission, is working on details of the latter plan. The Commission is thinking in terms of an effective educational television state-wide program that would cost between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000.

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Committee on Administrative Code

The following report was made by Mrs. Lathrop for Judge Mintz, the Chairman of the above Committee:

Judge Mintz has asked me to express to you, first: his regret that he cannot be here today, and second: his pleasure that the Code Committee completed yesterday its draft of what we might now call the Five Year Report - and this draft will be in the mail to you within the week.

The Committee had hoped you might have copies today, but certain changes made yesterday necessitated some rearranging and retyping. This will cause only a slight delay.

Judge Mintz would ask that each of you study the draft carefully. Should you wish to discuss any part of it with the Committee - and we invite your counsel - will you notify Judge Mintz as quickly as possible - by September 22nd at the latest. He will then schedule a meeting of the Code Committee.

By acting as promptly as possible we hope to have the draft ready by early or mid-October to be mailed to all members of the full Board of Trustees. The Chairman will then be asked to call a special meeting of the Board, allowing at least 15 days' notice.

The Committee wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Friday and the Consolidated office staff for their assistance and counsel, and especially to Mr. Claude Teague who was invaluable those five years ago when the Committee was appointed by Governor Hodges; and to Mr. Fred Weaver, who has joined the Consolidated staff and assisted us so patiently and so diligently in the more recent years of our work. We are grateful also to the members of the Board of Trustees who expressed their interest by word and letter, and particularly to Mr. Bryant, Mr. Hill, Mr. Pearsall, Mr. Harris, Mr. Rankin and Mr. Vatz, who came personally to meet and counsel with us.

Respectfully submitted, Lunsford Crew Ashley Murphy John Umstead, and Virginia Lathrop for Rudolph 1. Mintz, Chairman.

Committee on Administrative Salaries

Mr. Hill, Chairman of the Committee on Administrative Salaries made an interim report as follows:

Governor Sanford, by letter of 25 July 1962, appointed a special committee of trustees "to explore the possibilities of obtaining additional funds for increased salaries of the Senior Administrative Officers" -- and report as soon as practical. This was in accordance with Executive Committee motion at its July 9th meeting.

Committee: George Watts Hill, Chairman Victor S. Bryant R. Walker Martin JohnW. Umstead, Jr. Thomas B. Upchurch, Jr.

The Committee held its organizational meeting August 9th; all members present. President Friday and Business Officer Shepard were present by invitation.

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Reports of comparative salaries paid in private and public universities have been received from the U. S. Office of Education and The American Association of Universities. The Chancellors of the three units of the University have filed statements of recent offers received by various Senior Administrative Officers.

The Committee is comparing salaries paid at the University of North Carolina, the possible use of foundation and/or "overhead" funds to supplement basic salaries paid by Legislative appropriations, is conferring with the State Attorney General as to applicable Statutes and with the Director of the North Carolina Department of Administration for his advice and counsel. It is the present intention of the Committee to recommend equitable salary scales for all senior administrative officers through the Dean levels - salaries which will place the University on a fair competitive level with other institutions and industry throughout the country.

Business Officer Shepard is acting as Secretary of the Committee.

Due to the delay in receipt of background material and the absence from the State of some members of the committee, a second meeting of the committee had to be postponed from the week of September 3rd to the week of September 17th. Your committee will actively pursue its objectives and make final report to the Governor and Executive Committee at the earliest possible moment.

Committee appointed to study Charlotte College request, together with other pertinent factors.

Mr. Pearsall, Chairman of the Committee on Charlotte College made a short oral progress report.

Agricultural Experiment Station

President Friday presented a resolution commemorating the Agricultural Experiment Station at State College on its 85th Anniversary, and it was unanimously adopted. The resolution is as follows:


WHEREAS, the General Assembly of 1877 did with foresight and wisdom establish the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station; and

WHEREAS, the Station has contributed immeasurably to the economic and social advancement of the people of the State, has helped make the American people the best fed and best clothed the world has ever known, and has become recognized by many underdeveloped nations as an example to be followed in uplifting their own people; and

WHEREAS, the Station and its first parent organization, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, have now reached their 85th year; and

WHEREAS, North Carolina State College, of which the Station is now a part, has reached its 75th year; and

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WHEREAS, the U. S. Department of Agriculture and the Land-Grant College system, with which the Station is closely associated, have reached their centennial year:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina:

Section 1. That the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina expresses sincere appreciation to the people who had the vision to create this institution, and commends the directors and staff both past and present for their accomplishments, and predicts that the Station will meet the challenges ahead with an even greater record of success during the next 85 years.

On motion of Mr. Umstead, duly seconded, the meeting then adjourned.

[signature] Secretary

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