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FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned registered owner
thereof hereby sells, assigns and transfers the within bond unto


Dated: __________________________________________________

In the presence of: _______________________________________

(As provided in the within bond, notice of any assignment
thereof shall be given by the assignor by registered
mail to the Treasurer of the Board as Bond Registrar,
such notice to be in such form as shall be satisfactory
to the Bond Registrar, and upon receipt of such notice the
bond shall be registered as to both principal and interest
on the registration books in the name of the assignee
named above. )

Name of Paying
Principal Principal Interest Agent, authorized
Payment Balance Payment Official and
Due Date (Enter Amounts) Due Date Pd. Title
________ ______________ __________ ___________ _______ _______________
May 1. 1964 $_____________ $_________ $__________ _______ _______________
Nov 1. 1964 ______________ __________ ___________ _______ _______________

(Enter due dates
of principal and
(May 1 and November 1 due dates to and including
the final date of maturity of the bond - leave
one-half inch space between due dates, etc. for
manual interlining, if necessary; also half a
page at end for any explanation that might be

(To be inserted under the headings "Interest Paid"
and "Date Paid" opposite May 1, 1964: "Obligor
is not liable for interest due May 1, 1964, which
interest date expired prior to delivery of this

(This is to be a separate sheet)

Principal installments paid in advance of maturity date

Principal Due Name of Paying Agent,
Date Amount Payment Balance Date Paid Authorized Official and Title
____ _______ ________ _______ _________ _________________________
____ _______ ________ _______ _________ _________________________

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