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The present swimming pool in Rosenthal Gymnasium is 25'x75' and was built a number of years ago when the student body was much smaller. It is now inadequate to take care of the needs. In addition, the location of dressing rooms in relation to the pool is very bad, and there is insufficient deck space around the pool. The size of the pool is non-standard and does not lend itself to use for regulation swimming needs.

We propose to add a 70'x90' addition to the building. We would also enlarge the pool by adding an addition to the deep end at right angle to the present pool. This would give an L-shaped pool which will be very functional as well as attractive. We also would provide additional deck space around the pool, as well as new locker rooms and shower facilities which would be adequate in size and advantageously located.

We would repair the tile in the old part of the pool. In addition, we will renovate accessory equipment, such as filters and chlorinator, and adapt it for the larger size pool.

Total Cost $225,000
Less Funds Available 65,000
Appropriation Request $160,000.


The undeveloped land areas of the campus are continuing to be encroached upon as new buildings are erected or planned, and we are concerned about running out of land space. Over the last several years the College has acquired several small pieces of property adjacent to or close to the campus. We now feel that this acquisition program should be vigorously pursued in order to have land areas for the proper planning of the future development of the campus.

Although we should proceed cautiously in identifying specific pieces of property which we wish to acquire, because of the adverse effect on prices which this would have, it is our present plan to attempt to acquire all of the property adjoining the campus which is located on the west side of Mclver Street and the south side of West Market Street. There are eighteen separate pieces of property included, and this will extend the main campus out to the street at all points.

Estimated Cost $305,000.

Mr. Umstead moved that the supplemental capital improvements requests for the Woman's College be approved. The motion was seconded by Mrs. Parker and they were approved by unanimous vote.

Vice President Anderson

Proposed Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Engineering Operations at North Carolina State College:

Dr. Anderson presented the following recommendation for a Bachelor of Science degree program in Engineering Operations at State College, and it was, on motion of Mr. Pearsall, seconded by Mr. Barber, unanimously approved.

At present the undergraduate curriculum in engineering at North Carolina State College stresses the engineering and physical

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