Status: Needs Review

The Secretary called attention to the recent death of
Rt. Rev. Junius H. Horner, Episcopal Bishop, of Asheville, a
member of the Board of Trustees. The Governor appointed the
following committee to prepare suitable resolutions to be pre-
sented at the next meeting of the Board. Messrs. Kemp P. Lewis,
A. A. Hicks and Mrs. E. L. McKee.

The recommendation of the President Graham that a six weeks
summer school be held at Raleigh and Greensboro each and a full summer
school at Chapel Hill for this year was approved.

Mr. H Parker moved that it was the sense of the Executive
Committee that the summer meeting of the full Board of Trustees be
held in Raleigh, the date to be set by the Governor prior to
June 4, the beginning of the N. C. C. W. Commencement. Carried.

President Graham presented Mr. Schaub, Dean of Agriculture,
and Mr. T. E. Browne, Dean of Vocational Education at State College,
who stated that they were unofficially advised that the Director
of the Federal Budget had rcommended to the President the with-
drawal of federal funds appropriated to agriculture and vocation-
al education, etc., and expended through State College as follows:

Land Scrip Fund ---------------------------- $ 33,000.00
Agricultural Experiment Station------------- 90,000.00
Agricultural Extension---------------------- 363,152.11
Teaching Home Economics and Agriculture
and Industrial School classes------------- 288,000.00

Total----------------- $ 774,152.11

Governor Eringhaus read a telegram addressed to President
Roosevelt requesting that he give most serious consideration
before withdrawing the above funds. He stated that he was also
requestign the cooperation of Senators Bailey and Reynolds.

On recommendation of President Graham, acceptance was given
to an offer by the Northwester Yeast Company of Chicago to establish
a fellowship at State College of $600.00 a year for two years
with an appropriation of $1,000.00 for a building for research.

The meeting then adjourned.


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