Status: Complete

The following Certificate of Incorporation of the Battle Park
Association was presented by Mr. House and was duly approved:




This is to certify, that we, the undersigned
number, all of whom are residents of the State of North Carolina,
do hereby associate ourselves into a corporation under and by the
laws of the State of North Carolina as contained in chapter 22 of the
Consolidated Statutes of North Carolina and amendments thereto, and
to that end do hereby set forth:

That the name of the corporation shall be Battle Park Association
(Battle Park Memorial Association )?

The location of the principal office of the corporation shall
be in the town of Chapel Hill, County of Orange and State of North
The period of existence of the corporation shall be sixty years.


The objects and purposes for which the corporation is formed
are as follows:
(a) To improve, preserve and care for those areas of the
property of the University of North Carolina known as "Battle Park ,
**Lake Reservoir Region", and such other areas as may be designated by
the University Trustees, by building and maintaining trails, walk
ways, bridges and bridge paths therein, by removing onstructions to
the streams, by improving the batural springs, by clearing our dead and
fallen timber and the removal of brush, and by the maintenance pj.
healthful and sanitary conditions therein, by protecting the birds
and game; and by developing these regions in such a manner, by plant­
ing and otherwise, as to serve as far as possible as arborebains,
botanical gardens and bird and game sanctuaries.
To mark the main entrance to Battle Park with an appropriate
tablet commemorating the interest in and the care taken oi, the park
by Dr. Kemp P. Battle; to suitable mark such other areas as may be
under the jurisdiction of the corporation and in commemoration of
certain individuals; also to mark, name and otherwise designate the
trails and paths therein; to stimulate a greater use of the facilities
of Battle Park for recreational purposes by stidenrs of^the University
of North ^arolina and others; to develop in the users oi Battle Pa.i.^.
and the other areas a greater care and regard to the trees and snrnbbery therein:
^ ,, .
_ ^
' (b)
To do and perform any and all acts and things necessary oi
reasonably incident to the accomplishment of the aforesaid objects
and purposes of the corporation not inconsistent wit.n the laws.oi
the State of North Carolina; and to cooperate with other organizations
and agencies in carrying out the purposes of this corporation.
The corporation shall be a non-profit corporation hav ng no
capital stock and receiving no compensation from the University
of North Carolina nor from the State of North Carolina, nor snail any
operations be carried on by the corporation for monetary profit
The names and post office addresses of the members or incor­
porators are as follows:

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