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Diary, 1786-1799

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8 [358] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1798, 1798, APRIL,

6,Ceased rained before noon having continued four days pretty constantly, mild & some clouds all day. I sent Frank to Joseph Clarks and got 3 pecks of Spanish & Bermuds potatoes & 1/2 Bus' Flax seed. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's - Fanny Barbour & T.Barbour's family there - T.Barbour went for Fred'g to day - I sent memo' for him to purchase dome articles for me.

7,Cloudy mild-some sunshine in evening. I went to Col.Madison's to the burying of Mrs Mary W[illis] Madison. Mr O'Niel read the service. There was a considerable large number of genteel people. I dined at the Col.Madison's, when I got home *Thompson Taylor & Hugh Mercer Tennant were at my house, they were on their way to Kentucky - Thompson left home in Feburary - says friends were then well expect brother Jonathon, who had a bad cough and in a low state of health. [*Thompson, son of Commodore Richard Taylor, WKA]

8, Sunday. A shower of rain in last night. Fair pleasent day. Thompson Taylor's mare had her back badly hurt by the saddke &swelled too bad to ride her - He wrote a note to J.Taylor jr. who came over & let him have a horse in exchange for her. Thompson too let J.T. have a bond due from one of Kirton to his father for £6. which bond J.Pendleton had to collect themoney. J.Taylor also came over - Thompson Taylor & Hugh Mercer Tennant proceeded on their journey toward Red-stone, via Winchester. J.Taylor & J.Taylor jr & I went to Courth house to Funeral semon on the death of Mrs.[Mary Willis] Madison preached by Mr. Waddell to a tolerable number of people - I came to J.Taylors to dinner. Reuben Burnley John Moore, Rob't T.Moore, Fanny Barbour, J.T.jr & wife, dined there - Capt R'd Barbour, his wife &Lucy Barbour from Madison &Thos Barbour from Fred'g got there and dined after - Th. Barbour infirmed me he had purchased Ozbab'gs & other things for me - I saw Joseph Clark at Court house & paid him 7/6 for Flax seed & potatoes got on the 6th. John Taylor got down to Court house to sermon, he lately arrived from Georgia.

9, Fair and pleasant - very slight frost. I went to James Taylor's - Thomas Barbour paid me the sum of £62.12.3. cash & bought sundry articled at Fred'g for me £15.15.1 & bringing 1/11, making in all £78.9.3 Which sum I gave credit on the bond from him & his father. He sent to S.Fox's for part of the things (being left there by T.Herndon) to J.Taylor's- Rueben Taylor was at J.Taylor's, I let him have £25.0.0 to pay for his son Frank's schooling & board, which I promised him for the present year. Tho's Barbour & family - his brother Philip & sisters Fanny & Lucy- R's Barbour's wide, Reu Taylor, Wm Moore jr, Phil Barbour (of Ambrose) Mrs Cambell, Chs & Thos Beli, dines there. Reuben Burnely & John Moore was there before noon & J.Taylor jr went with them to cock fight at Col Maury's.

10, Fair warm morning, Scattered clouds & wind in evening. I went to J.Taylor's after breakfast- rectified a mistake in the money rec'd of T.Barbour yesterday Frank brought home 1 Bolt oznab'gs Side leather &Spade,T.Barbour had bought for me. T.Barbour & family, Nancy Taylor, Philip, Fanny &Lucy Barbour went to Madison- I came home to diner. J.Taylor sent in morning & got 4lb butter. John Taylor walked here in evening & staid.

11, Rained in night- some broken clouds, wind &cooler. Isent to ask C.Taylor to dine here, he sent word that he was very unwell, but better than last evening. John Taylor, Robert Taylorm C.P.Howard, J.Taylor & C.Bell, dined here: they went away in evening. (Wednesday).

12, Broken clouds. Wm Stewart sent a note & got 7 1/2 lb Wool. Heard that *Tho's Bell died last night. Had the Geese(excpet 4 Setting) Turned out of meadow. Planted 1/2 Bus; Spanish & 1/4 Bus' Bermudas potatoes. John Smith (shoemaker) sent 2 dollars by his little son to buy bacon. I let him have a midling 10 3/4 lb. & sent 1/3 back. Had 1/2 Bushel Flaxseed sown near the Spring. I went in evening to see C.Taylor who has been sick, and got better. Wm Bell was here when I returned- I paid him 6 dollars for making a pair Cart wheels; but he had not got boxes for them yet, which when he gets I am to pay for, and for hooping, the nuts &c. [*Thomas Bell , son of Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor Bell.]

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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25[375] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1798 1798 October 24, A little white frost - clear. Mr. John Hencher came here to Breakfast, and looked at my Oxen, but did not purchase, till afternoon, he had been to see a pair of Mallory's and one of S.Fox's when he came back he bought the largest pair of my young Oxen at 18.- he paid 9. and to pay balance when he sells Tobacco. He dined with me, and with his boy, droff off the oxen. I walked to Court house & got Newspapers-

25, Fair and warm. I sent letters to C. Taylor's for Jon's Taylor, Hub'd Taylor, Wm. Taylor jr. & Rich'd Woolfolk, which Ab'm Proctor promised to convey to Kentucky Gathering Corn & drawing to Fodder shelter. Reu Taylor came here, I went with him to J.Taylor's who was gone to Madison Court-we returned to dinner-after he was gone I went to Ch's Taylor's in evening.

26, Fair morning-warm dry, windy-Smoky & hazy evening. I staid at home-sent 2 bags Corn & got meal at Madison's Mill.

27, Saturday, Rained before day and very moderately before noon- I fear not enough to make Wheat vegetate- Cleared afternoon,hazy- I staid at home. Had 8 Hhds Corn put in old house from the Stack. Cut off a Shirt for each of my negroes, Germ'n Ozn'a

28, Sunday, Thin clouds and cool. I walked to Court house. Mr.O'Neil did not atten, but few people. I returned home from Court house- Saw John Taylor,who with his family got to his mother's friday evening.

29, Very cold, hard frost and ice, clear. Reuben Taylor came here beforenoon. I got him to cut my Hair short- Let him have 33.9.0 to pay for Boarding & teaching his son Frank another year. R.T. went home by 11 o'cl'k. Sent Frank to Joseph Clark's with 2 lb Spun Cotton. 1 3/4 lb Wool and 16 1/2 lb thread for to get wove. Frank brought home_Yards Wooled Cloth, being part of the Yarn sent the 4th instant.

30, Very cold hard frost0 ice near inch thick on piggin, Clear cok & clouds. I had a wether killed. Sent a side 27 lb to Wm Stewart p/r George. Had 2 Ewes put in cornfield- 34 my number of Sheep. Had 22 Hhds corn put into New house. Old Brindle Cow calved.

31, Great mountains covered with Snow, continues remarkable cold, and windy, some drops rain last night-rain last night-very clear to day. Had 30 Hogs put into mountain field to fatten up. ________ ________

November, 1, Thursday,Cold, cloudy-Snowed in morning with hail and in afternoon rained, moderately till night-countinues cold, but little rain fell. I staid at home, as I have done since sunday.

2, Cloudy last night and to day, in evening late began to rain. Had 8 Hhds Corn measured, 6 of them put into Old Corn house & 2 Hhds carried to M.Biggers's

3, A little rain last night. Cloudy morn, cleared in evening. Had 5 Hhds Corn measured & put into Old Cold house.

4., Sunday, Clear morn, flying clouds in evening, cold. I went to J.Taylor's- Mr Ben Ellis, J.Taylor Jr & wife, dined there.

5, Sharp frost cear and cool. Pulling down & Carting Corn. I went after breakfast to C.Taylor's got sundry articles which he bought at Fred'g for me. amount 18/9 which I credit him0 I returned by 11 o'clock0Reuben Taylor was here went away about 12 o'clock, said was going to Maj'r moore's. Had Cabbage set in Trenches.

6, Great white frost. Fiar moderate. I carried Pattern of Jacket ^ trimmings to Mrs Burnley to get made up. As I returned went to hold a gate for the Ox Cart with Corn to come through0 The Cart ran against one post, pulled it down, it fell on me and beat me down & bruiesd my left side very much.

7, Wednesday, Great white frost again-Fair & mild- hazy at night. Sent 2 Bags Corn & got meal from M.Kinney's mill. Sent and got my light Cart from J.Mc Neil's shop. Sent Frank with Riding mare & got shod at Shepherd's Shop. My back continues very painful, from yesterday's bruise.

From the Taylor Diary #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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26 [376] DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1798, 1798 November 8, Thin Clouds, moderate. J.Taylor came to see me in the morning, breakfasted here & asked to have Davy next week to make his negroes Shoes. Reu Taylor called after breakfast going to Court house &c. Rober't Cawthon had his Cart broke in the road, Camehere & got Hammer, Walls &C, wanted borrow 20 dollars, I did not lend- They sent a p/s 13 lb beef to me from J.Taylor's-I sent back a small Gammon 7 1/2 lb bacon by girl. Got most of my Corn to Stack.Worked both Carts, My back still very sore and painful.

9, A little smoky and hazy, white frost in morn, mild evening. Got the last of my Corn to the Stack. C.Taylor came here in evening to see me, my pain has become moderate to what it was. Had 4 Shoats marked (2 Cut & 2 Spayed). M.Biggers says I have only 15 out &c, besides those fattening.

10, Clear and a little cooler. Wm Edards paid me 48/- Lent him 4, Sept'r, did not stay dinner. Mess'rs John & C.PHoward came here- Isent for Brothers James and Charles who came adn they dined & staid till 8 o'clock at night. M.Biggers went to Louisa.Negroes getting wood.

11, Sunday, White frost, thing clouds, moderate, Sent Mr. T.Barbour's 18 Gallon Cask by Joe, and a message to have whisky sent to me in the same, before Chrsitmas. I went to J.Taylor's to dinner-Mr.Ben Ellis, Sally and Betsy Taylor dined there-Mr. Tom Crutchfield came there after dinner. J.T.jr & wife at Maj'r Max Moore's-E. Chew unwell. Had a puppy from John Taylor's bitch brought home, but it appears to have a shoulder broken.

12, Smoky, hazy and warm. J. Taylor sent 19 lb Tallow-for which I sent 2 Gammons bacon 19 lb. I walked to Aunt Taylor's-John Taylor & family, Rob Taylor & do Mrs Burnley & do. Mr John Howard C.P.Howard and wife dine there- Mrs Gambrell & Ch's Bell there after dinner. C.P.Howard received my watch to have clearned &c, when he goes to Philadelphia,where he intends in a few days- Mr.JHoward lent me a small watch. I sent Frank with a bag of 3 Bus Wheat & Martin 2 1/2 Corn to Madison's mill they got the grain ground & got back about an hour after dark. 96 lb Flour & 28 lb Seonds, 123 lbs.

13, Thin clouds in morn moderate rain in evening, mild. Had a wether killer-sent Wm Bell a side 31 lb p/r Davy, sent Wm Stewart a hind quarter 15 lb by Daniel. Had 16 1/2 doz Candles made, 8 lb bees wax, 46 Tallow, 54 lb. I went by J.Taylor's to Robert Taylor's to dinner. Aunt Taylor, Mr J.Howard, C.P.Howard & wife, John Taylor and family there.

14, Not much rain last night- some Clouds,sunshine and smoky,warm for the season. I am unwell, pain in back worse than for 2 or 3 days0 took Castor oil and afterwards Salts. Sent Frank with jug to Aunt Taylor's & got Cyber. I went in evening & got a jacket made for me by Mrs Burnley-who was gone to Rob't Taylor's- Sally & Lucy Burnley at home.

15, Warm windy, sunshine & Clouds- Fog in last night. Had 11 Cart loads, 22 Hhds Corn put in New house; 5 do in old = 10 Hhds,= 32. M.B. says 2 Hhds, by my acc't are omitted. J.Taylor walked here in evening0to borrow my gun to go tomorrow to stand for deer: he is to call for it.

16, A little dash of rain last night with lightning. Fair warm day. J.Taylor called ^ got my gun, to deer hunt with0did not start. Finished Measuring Corn. Wholemade 95 Hhds at 11,5/8 Bus Each= about 221 Barrels. Put into Old Corn house 5 Hhds. M.Biggers had 11 Hhds measured02 Carred away and 9 left in Shelter. I walked to J Taylor's in the evening. Mr Noel & wife and J.Taylor jr was there0 Bro0r James adn family going tomorrow to Culpeper- I brought my gun home. Gave M.Biggers credit for 5 Bus Corn. being his part of 4 Hhds put into my Corn house, he having before sent to Mill 2 bushels & received 13 Hhds- I gave him a State of teh Settlement of the Corn being fully made. His part was 1/7 of Corn & 1/6 Wheat.

17, Saturday, Some clouds, but cleared,warm smoky & hazy. Mr.John Howard, John Taylor & son Billy rode here in evening and staid about two hours.

18, Warm, smoky and Sunny. I walked to Court house- Mr.O'Neil did not meet. I paid Doct'r Shepherd 3/- for a pair Shoes on my mare the 7th instant. I came to


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1799, August, 12, Come Clouds, warm, dry, no rain, some drops after dark. Began to tread out wheat. 1st C. Taylor dined here, we had good Watermelons &c. 13, A little hazy warm & dry. Trod wheat 2d Floor. I staid at home- Gibson Taylor bro't a Newspaper here, said T. Barbour's wife &c were home & his mother going to Springs- they came up yesterday. 14, Wednesday. Dry warm and fair. Trod 3d Bed Wheat. I walked after dinner to Court house, got Newspapers- paid 9d fro Postage Letter from Fire &c. A Sack Salt- & 2 Sides of Leather is at Mr. Shepherd's, bro't by Yager's Waggon- (The Leather appears sorry), D. Taylor bought for me- the Skillet did not come. Got my Bull home & put with Cows in pasture. 15, I was very unwell, fevers & sore mouth &c. Some clouds- a drop of rain- J. Taylor called here going to Springs, said he expected his family will remove home on Saturday. Reuben Taylor was here a little time, got Letter I bro't from P. Office went before noon. J.G. Taylor, Jas Pendleton & Jas Barbour came here from School & staid. C. Taylor & G.C. Taylor came here in evening from F. Walker's to day; Dined at Verdier's barbecue. I was so unwell I staid at home. Trod 4th bed Wheat &c. Sent Frank with Ox cart & got the Sack Salt and 2 Sides Leather from Mr. Shepherd's, the Leather weighed 22 lb. 16, Friday. Thin clouds-very dry. The Boys- vizt: J.G. Taylor, Jas Pendleton & Jas Barbour, went to school after breakfast & ret'd in evening. Ch Taylor jr came & got Cucumbers- G.C. Taylor went with him to C. Taylor's- Mr. O'Neil looking for G.C. Taylor, came here a little before noon. After dinner went to C. Taylor's. Trod 5th bed Wheat. Took out 30th Hhd Corn. G.C. Taylor returned in evening from C. Taylor's- Capt C. Conway's sons, Francis & John, came with him- Wm Drope also came here. 17 A good moderate rain fell last night, a little rain & broken clouds to-day. Sent Frank to McKinney's mill, he went from there to Dade's & Madison's & got meal at last place, 6 bus'. G.C. Taylor & Mr Conway's after breakfast went to Capt. Conway's- The other boys went to J. Taylor's, whose family, & T. Crutchfield &c got up from Springs. John Taylor & son Wm Gilbert, dined here. I had about 60 bushels Wheat cleaned & brought to the Granary- the rain prevented my cleaning more. 18, Sunday, Cloudy, some drops rain, but not sufficient to be serviceable. Reuben Taylor called here & went to Court house. Mr Colhoun preached- C. Taylor walked here. I went with him to J. Taylor's to dinner-Reu Taylor-R'd Noel & wife, T. Crutchfield & wife and boys there- I was unwell, sore mouth, griped &c. G.C. Taylor came here in evening. 19, Broken clouds & warm- a mist toward night. Had the Wheat (which was trod last night week) Cleaned & brought to gain room- about 190 bushels- Mrs Burnley sent old Louis for 8/- I owed her. I sent 9/-. Reuben Taylor & sons, Billey & Frank called here going to Barnett's ford- G.C. Taylor & I went there also. I went to Richard's Store (which is the greatest distance I have been from home this year) G.C.T- ret'd here at night. 20, Small rain in last night-tho' but little- rainy morning and continued all day brisk & moderate- the earth well wetted. G.C. Taylor went after breakfast to J. Taylor's & ret'd in evening. 21, Cloudy & moderate or fine rain last night & to day. G.C.T. went again to J. Taylor's & returned in evening. Turned Stock into Peach orchard, peaches but nearly. 22,Thursday, Continues cloudy with a little mist of rain some times,tho' very little G.C. Taylor went to J. Taylor's & returned in evening. C. Taylor came & dined here. Thompson Taylor & Ben Wilkinson got here soon after we dined & dined here- they are going to Kentucky- Bro'r James was over to see Thompson Taylor, to send a letter in morrow morning for Maj'r J. Taylor- Francis Conway jr came here in the evening- John Smith came & got a Writ of G.C.T. I paid him 9d for mending shoes. 23, Some broken clouds & Sunshine, very warm, growing weather. Thompson Taylor & Ben Wilkinson (who lives with him) set out after breakfast on their way to Kentucky

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1799, August, 23, [Continued], G.C. Taylor & F. Conway went to Capt Conway's. Had Flax up & put in Cornhouse. Had part of dried Peas Gathered. 24, Fair except a few broken clouds- very warm. Began to Sow & plow in wheat. Had Bacon sunned. G.C.T. went to J.T's & ret'd in evening. C. Taylor sent & got 24 lb Hogs lard & borrowed half bottle Molasses. J. Taylor was here in evening- Cut Watermelon 20 lb. 25 Sunday, Fair except broken clouds- warm growing weather. I went with G.C. Taylor & dined at James Taylor's- Salley & Betsy Taylor- T. Crutchfield & wife were there. John Pendleton & family & James Bowie Pendleton came to J. Taylor's (from Culpeper) in evening. 26, Fair morn, a moderate shower of rain in evening. Sowing wheat 2 bushels- G.C.T. went by J. Taylor's to Court, ret'd at night. Reuben Taylor & son William called here. I rode with them to court. Paid Daniel Grinnan £31.10.9., for two judgments, McSmellie & Geo McCall & Co. vs Taylor's Executors and took his receipts Attested by A.Darby. 27, Cloudy morn. Patrick Bell came here & got 1 Gammon & 1 Shoulder bacon & 1 quart Whisky w'ch he promises to pay for in a week or two. G.C.T went to C. Taylor's to breakfast-from thence to Court. paid Paul Verdier 15/- my subscription for a Barbecue some time ago. Settled with G.L. Grasty for my taxes & Levies, he gave me a Receipt for their amount 12 dollars 67 Cents, for which I gave him an order on James Taylor. Let Mr. E. Hackley have a dollar to buy me ½ lb Tea. Mr. C.P. Howard & Mr_____Malcomb was here in evening & Eat Watermelons &c- they had been at Mrs Burnleys. Seeded 3 bushels Wheat. 28, Fair morn,a little fog. some broken clouds. Had 31st Hhd Corn taken out. Sowing Wheat- 3½ Bushels put in today. C. Taylor called here-About raising limestone- Eat Watermelon & went on- George got hammer in morning- One ____Moore, a young man applied for business- I dined & afterwards walked to Court house, got my Newspapers. 29, Cool morn, a little hazy- a few drops rain. Sowing wheat 3½. Sent 6 Bus Corn to Madison's Mill & got meal. G.C. Taylor went to J. Taylor's- from thence to C. Taylor's, where he dined- returned by here & went to John Daniels, A dance expected this evening. I went to J. Taylor's to dinner-J. Pendleton's wife, T. Crutchfield & wife, dined there. 30, Warm morning, a little hazy- Clear pleasant day. C. Taylor sent a got a Gammon Bacon 12 lb. Sowed 4 Bushels Wheat. Mr. Malcomb, John Taylor & wife, Rob't Taylor & wife, Mrs Howard, James Taylor, T. Crutchfield & G.C. Taylor dined here the latter came from Jno Daniels to day. Reuben Taylor came here after dinner he trimmed my hair. 31, Fair morning. Roger Bell came here to breakfast- G.C. Taylor made a verbal agreement with him about the Plantation & Crop where J. Taylor lives for the ensuing year- I did not hear the bargain- Took out 3½ Bushels Wheat to seed. G.C. Taylor went to C. Taylor's, intended to J. Taylor's to dine, came back & Wm Drope with him at night. Some of the boys came from J.T's & got Watermelons- Wm. Drope came to see G.C. Taylor & went to J. Taylor's- came back with G.C.T. in evening. Finished sowing &c the Middle field with Red Wheat 22½ Bushels nearly I fear sown too thin.

September, 1, Sunday, Fair with a few clouds, warm & getting dry. G.C. Taylor and Wm Drope & I went to J. Taylor's- Thos Barbour & family, John Pendleton's family, Reuben Taylor, T. Crutchfield & wife there. Rec'd half a pound Tea, which I gave E. Hackley a Dollar to buy for me at Fredericksburg-on tuesday last.

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1799, September, 23, Cool clear morn, some clouds but no rain. G.C. Taylor let me have 80 dollars Bank notes, to place to James Taylor's credit. he ret'd here from Court. Reuben Taylor called by, I rode with him to Court, he sold his Land to Oliver Terrill for $1,050. Tariton Goldshy agreed to take my crop of Wheat from home by the middle Oct'r at 10/- p/r bushel,to be paid 1st March next. P. Verdoer paid for bacon he bo't the 17th instant. 24, Fair pleasant cool mornings. G.C.Taylor went to J. Taylor's early- He returned with G.L. Grasty, and I lent him $18. to send by Grasty to the Auditor at Richmond- G.C. Taylor promised to place the same sum in Mr. James Blair's hands in ten days (which I intend to pay F.S. Taylor for Rum &c. I requested him to purchase at Norfolk- G.C. Taylor rode, I walked to Rob't Taylor's. John Taylor & wife- Wm Gilbert, Rob't Moore & E. Chew dined there. 25, Fair pleasant. Sent Frank with 6 bus Corn & got ground at McKinney's- Col. J. Madison jr sent _____Tyre to whom I delivered 3 Gammons, 2 Shoulders, & 1 Midling, 86 lb Bacon- Tyre carried a Basket Peaches hone, & 1 for P. Verdier- Col. J. Madison Sen'r Sent Some pears by Sam & got two baskets Peaches. John Bell & John Luttrell came with each a Waggon & Received 87½ Bushels Wheat for Tarlton Coolsby, who was here with the waggons- he paid me 10/6 for ½ Barrel Corn John Bell received for feeding his horses. John Taylor walked by, From J. Taylor's-who came afterwards to see T. Goolshy; they all went away before dinner. Began to cut Tops. 26, Thurday, Fair and pleasant cool mornings. M. Atkins and Frank went to McNeils to look for young Ox & Steer, did not find them there. Roger Bell was here, wanted to see G.C. Taylor who went to J. Taylor's this morning. ret'd at night. John Taylor, Wm Gilbert, Jonathan Shipman, Thos's Macon, Cha's Taylor & G.C. Taylor dined here. About fodder. 27, Fair and pleasant- Stacked a little fodder- the Blades areall cocked- G.C.T. went away in morning, returned to dinner. J. Taylor here a little time in evening. Sent Frank & got some Father Abrahams from Corn field28, Fair and pleasant weather. After breakfast, G.C. Taylor went to J. Taylor's, ret'd & dined- J. Taylor also dined here- G.C.T went to see C. Bell & ret'd at night 29, SUNDAY, Some scattering clouds, warm. G.C.T. went to C.Conway's & ret'd at night. C. Bell & T. Bell was here to see G.C. Taylor & ret'd before noon, Reu. Taylor also here a ittle time- I was very unwell-dined alone- After dinner John Taylor & Capt John Moore was here- Whilst they were here, Colby Taylor, with Isaac Robertson, Owen Gwatmey [Gwathmey-PFT], & Robert Gaines- the three first of Kentucky- R. Gaines of King & queen- from Kentucky Arrived here- they said Ben Taylor had accidentally shot himself with a rifle- the ___was not extracted but he was in a fair way to recover- that other friends were well. James Taylor walked her to see the Gent'n from Kentucky. 30, Fair with some clouds and cool. J. Taylor invited the Kentucky gent'n &c to dinner- I went with them- G.C. Taylor was there after breakfast making office business & besides the above, Capt John Moore- Robt T. Moore, John Taylor, William Gilbert, C. Bell, T. Bell, T. Crutchfield & wife, were there- Colby Taylor, Isaac Robertson, Owen Gwatmey [Gwathmey-PFT] and Rob't Gaines & G.C. Taylor came here at night. I sent & got a fore quarter Shoat-5 lb- of J. Taylor- I have been about my Fodder tops and got nearly half to the Shelter- Cut the remainder to day. Note- Colby Taylor was 5th son of Commodore Richard Taylor and his wife, Catherine Davis. He was then in his 20th year. Isaac Robertson married Matilda, dau of Com Richard Taylor, on May 30,1799. She was then under 15 years of age. Owen Gwathmey married Ann (*Nancy*) Clark, a sister of Gen George Rogers Clark. She and Isaac Robertson were 1st cousins. The Gwathmey and Robertson families emigrated from King & Queen Co. Va., to Kentucky-WKA]

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1799, October, 8, [CONTINUED] Reuben Taylor dined here-we had a small bowl punch- Had Rawles Jennets & some Crab apples gathered. 9, Cloudy day- rained in evening and night. It being too damp to tread Wheat- Finished bringing Blades to Shelter & Stacked them. C. Taylor came here- we Settled our small a/c, there is due me on that £4.2.4½- I lent C. Taylor the sum of $50. to pay towards building his house. Sent Frank with basket peaches to Mrs Madison Sen'r. who sent some pears. 10, Rained last night and great part of this day. I am very unwell, much griped, took Salts, Castor oil and other things, which di not remove a violent cramp and pain below my stomach- which kept me awake till about day & then slept very little. 11, Friday, Clear morning- Cloudy till evening when it cleared and was cool- It being too wet to tread wheat- my people picked up a Cart Load of broken off corn & then getting the dead trees for wood, beyond the gate. I am still very unwell, Griping or cramp at intervals. Reuben Taylor called here, said a Company are to be at School house with meat & drink- asked me to go- he went to Court house- the Company sent for Frying pan, fat and Axe. I sent some potatoes & the other things & Frank went to help cook &c. I walked down about 1 o'clock & returned about 3 or 4, continuing unwell. 12, Some clouds,but mostly fair- The Wheat yeard rather wet-but had a bed of Wheat trod. I took 12 grs Ipecac & 24 Jallap, being much cramped or griped below my stomach- I slept midling well last night & thought myself mended-but walked out to work my physick- was much fatigued & weak at my return & continued so all day- physick purged a little. A Shepherd jr rode here before noon- I exchanged 20 dollars bank notes with him for 20 dollars specie at his request. 13, Sunday, Thin clouds- mild. I continued in much pain till before noon I got something easier- I think Turlington's balsam taken last night and today has been beneficial. Sent Frank to court house & got Newspapers. Had a Turkey dressed- dined alone. Joe said his mistress, M. Barbour,sent 7/6 for 6 lb Wool. I let him have 8 lb unwashed wool & told him return the money- sent ½ doz peaches next morn 14th, Salley Burnley, Salley & Betsy Taylor, went to C. Taylor's from Mrs. Burnley's this morning- called here in evening returning to Mrs Burnley's. 14, Rained before day- continued rainy all day. I was in much pain last night- slept very badly. Reuben Sanford & one ___Arnold (from Fauqueir) called here, said going to Julian King's- they bo't a pint whisky- I took a Bee hive- the second this year- not much honey. 15, Cleared about day- fair pleasant day. People getting wood from the dead trees in morning- About noon went to Cleaning the Wheat trod out before. Brought 77½ Bushels to Wheat house at night. Sent 6 Bus Corn & got ground at Dade's, Frank was gone till night. I am very unwell- Saw C. Tayor in the road- He brought me some medicine in evening which gave me some relief. 16, Cloudy morning- Clearer in evening. Had 3 Bushels Wheat beat out to send to mill. Had all the Red Wheat put down, that was not got out, and trod- it was rather damp & tough. Roger Bell called here & said he wanted to Sow about 4 bushels Wheat for G.C.T. in Tob'o ground, he sent and got 2 Bushels & the 19th delivered to Geo .Bickers 2 Bushels more. The medicine I took last night gave me considerable relief- I am a little mended to day- am to continue the medicine- C. Taylor came over to see me. went away about noon- I grew worse at night. George brought some Newspapers- none from Philad'a nor Norfolk17, High wind early in last night- changed cool and clear- Clear and colder than it has been this fall. Had 42½ Bus Wheat cleaned & brought to Wheat Shed- afterwards beating Tailings, but did not get them clean. Wm Gilbert rode here, went away before dinner- J. Taylor came over and dined with me. I killed a Wether- weight about 40 lb Nett.

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