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Diary, 1786-1799

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[4] 1

GEN'L. SCOTT'S BRIGADE. Inventory Continued.

Muskets Bayonets B.Sling Catouch B. Hats Coats Vests Breeches Stockings Shirts Shoes Blankets Knapsacks Overalls C.Kettles Canteens
William Sillot 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . 1 . . 1 1 - - - -
Frederick Bryant 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . 1 1 1 0
Nicholas Parish, 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 2 2 0 1 1
Christopher Moser 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 0
George Warden 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1
Peter Gramange . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 . 1
Edward Croose 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 2 1 1 . 1
Adam Hatten 0 . . . . 1 1 . . 2 1 1
Robert Bartlett 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . . 1 . 1
Samuel Grant 1 . . 1 . 1 . . . 1 1 1 . . . .
Daniel Flannigan 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 0 . . 1 1 . 1
Wm Davis 1 0 . 1 . 0 . . . 1 1 . . . .
Total 48 41 40 48 14 46 27 10 17 39 48 33 20 30 2 2
Sam'l Gill Lt. in 4th Virg'a Reg't

From the Taylor Diary, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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Original Document in Possession of P.F.Taylor. A Pay Roll for a Detachment of Different Reg'ts on their March to Headquarters Under the Com'd of Capt.Burnley and Lieut Sam'l Gill.April 14th 1778 For the Month March.

No. Mens Names Rank Dollars per Month [pound symbol] s. d.
1, Garland Burnley Capt 40- 15. 00. 00.
2, Sam'l Gill Lieut 27- 10. 2. 6.
3, John Smith Serg't 8- 3. 0. 0.
4, George Chisholm Do 8- 3. 0. 0.
5, John Carroll, Do 8- 3. 0. 0.
6, John Roberts, Do 8- 3. 0. 0.
7, James Knight Corpl. 7,1/3 2. 15. 0.
8, John Fleece Do 7,1/3 2. 15. 0.
9, Coonrod Penneybacer F.M. 8.1/3 3. 2. 6.
10, Edward Sturrs, F. 7,1/3 2. 15. 0.
11, Rubin Sturrs, Drmr 7,1/3 2. 15. 0.
12, John Horn, Private 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
13, Edward Travis, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
14, George Tomberlin, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
15, George Shevellen Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
16, Thos Adkinson Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
17, Wm Willoughby Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
18, Thos Bill Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
19, Shadrach Hill Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
20, Randol Abbitt DO 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
21, Wm Turner, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
22, James Taylor, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
23, Charles Eastwood, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
24, Thos Burk Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
25, Wm.Brown Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
26, Daniel Collard Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
27, Edline Willoughby Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
28, James Pearthalls, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
29, George Johnston, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
30, John Drain Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
31, John Traphorn, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
32, Henry Duckwall Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
33, Jones [Groves?] Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
34, Shurman,Adam, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
35, Thomas Aris Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
36, Joab Lucas, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
37, John Smith Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
38, David Cochran Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
39, Charles Harris, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
40, John Stackpole, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
41, John Parkason Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
42, Henry Barns Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
43, James Lemmon[Lemmon] Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
44, John Bell Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
45, Alexander Stuart, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
46, Andrew Skillen DO 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
47, John Wallis Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
48, Robart Cowan, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
49, Jacob Sowder, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
50, Robert Keen Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
51, Richard Henderson, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
52, James Riley, Pay'd. Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
53, James Meays Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
54, Stephen Verdi, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
55, Conrod Casnor Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
56, Wm Warrant, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
57, George James, Do 6,2/3 2. 10. 0.
58, Henry Duchen Do 6.2/3 2. 10. 0.
Dollars 4[5?]3.1/3 [pound symbol] 166. 5. 0.
From the Taylor Diary, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.
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Original Document in Possession of P.F. Taylor,

Yorkto York Town April 15th 1778.

Rec'd of Lt. Samuel Gill of 4th Virg'a Regiment One months pay for March 1778, as witness our hands--

John Smith 4th V.R. 8- Dollars
Daniel Collett Do 6,2/3
Jas (X) Pearthalls Do 6,2/3
Henry Despilin (X) Do 6,2/3
John Froshour, Do 6,2/3
Jones (X) Grove Do 6,2/3
Adam (X) Shurman Do 6,2/3
Thomas Ayris Do 6,2/3
Job Lucas Do 6,2/3
David Cochran Do 6,2/3
Charles Harris Do 6,2/3
John (X) Stackpole Do 6,2/3
John (X) Perkinson Do 6,2/3
James Lemon Do 6,2/3
John Bell, Do 6,2/3
John Wallis Do 6,2/3
Robert Cowan Do 6,2/3
Jacob (X) Sowder Do 6,2/3
Henry Duckwall Do 6,2/3
John (X) Smith Do 6,2/3
John Flash Do 6,2/3
Edmond Travis Do 6,2/3
Conrad Pennybaker Do 6,2/3
Andrew Skillen (X) Do 6,2/3
Henry (X) Barns Do 6,2/3
John (X) Drain Do 6,2/3
John (X) Horn Do 6,2/3
George (X) Johnston Do 6,2/3
James Knight, 4th Va Regt 7,1/3
James (X) Ryley 6,2/3
George James 8th Va Reg't 6,2/3
Stephen Vandine Do 6,2/3
William Warin 6,2/3
Coonrod Cansner 6th Va Reg't 6,2/3
His Note- (X) = signed x Mark

Note- The above paper endorsed "Rec'pts for the Cont'l service."

From the Taylor Diary, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection. University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[57] 25 DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1786, CASH ACCOUNT, DR. 1786 [table] From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[62] 1. DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, Note-Leaves lost from original to this date. 1787, January 17, Uncle E.Taylor & bro'r James came up to dinner, also W.Madison & wife. Maj'r Moore rode up the County & ret'd at night. 18, Uncle B.Taylor, J.Taylor & F.T. staid till dinner and then camedown. left W.M. & his wife there, fine weather. Roads much better than when went up19, J.Pendleton, his wife & N.Taylor went to Reuben Taylors, J.Taylor, his wife & F.Taylor went to Uncle E. Taylors. Aunt Thomas got there at the time we did. I was at Midland. Mr Ingram went to get Shingles to part of Dairy & for necessary house &c. James Caines here at night20, Went to Midland-Mr Ingram told me he had got 1,600 Shingles. J.Pendleton &c ret'd from R.Taylors. Turned cold & cloudy at night and a little rain last night. 21, Went with J.Taylor to Hub'd Taylors. he came up with Miss Nancy Minor & Alice Taylor yesterday-Capt Burnley was there to dinner. Ret'd 2 Magazines & a Novel & borrowed 2 novels-a little rain. (Note- Alice, was Hubbard T's sister, son & dau. of Col.James Taylor of Caroline Co.- Nancy Minor was probably sister-in-law of Hubbard T. W.K.A.) 22, Cloudy, cold and fine rain.23, Same kind of weather. At night I had the Toothack violently. 24, Aunts Taylor and Thomas came to J.Taylors to dinner, cloudy and some rain. Toothach and fever with it continued very severe till the evening when I was a little easy. 25, Aunt Thomas & the women from bro'r James's went to Capt Burnleys-Aunt Thomas & Molly Taylor staid all night-I went to Court, very dirty weather, some hail, rain & snow. My father came up from Col.J.Spots-woods to Court. (Molly daughter of James and niece of the diarist, m. Thos. Barbour, W.K.A 26, I went to C.Taylors to breakfast-C,Taylor, Capt. Conway & the two Miss Madisons there. I went to Midland after breakfast. Mr.Ingram raised the frame of the necessary house, want more plank-Cloudy & some rain. 27, Weather still cloudy & rainy. G.Taylor came to J.Taylors to dinner-Reuben Taylor & G.C.Taylor called by to dinner on their way from Court house. Reuben Taylor told G.T. he had sold his Wench Alice & her children to John Leathers. The weather cleared in the evening & cooler. 28, Froze last night but not very severe-not quite clear. G.Taylor dined here & went to C.Taylors afterwards. 29, Snow in morning, hail & rain, sleet but not deep. I went to Midland, saw Mr.Ingram who carried some of his Tools home-I went from there to C.Taylors and returned in evening-Many pidgeons flew Southwardly. Geo. Taylor let me have £12.5.0. which is placed to his Cr. He also put two bonds from P.Merry to him for £40. each, dated Dec'r 6, 1786, one payable 1, June next, the other the 6, Dec'r 1787. 30, A good many pidgeons settled in the morning, I killed four-G.Taylor & self went to Uncle E.Taylors to dinner. G.T.returned to C.Taylors. very warm afternoon. 31, Went to Midland with J.Taylor. Mr.Ingram and two apprentices getting boards for the necessary house. Jos. Clark & Geo Taylor were there. G.Taylor came to [J.T's?] to dinner. Miss S.Madison came in evening to set off downFrom the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[64] 3. DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, 1787 February, 14, Very rainy day-T.Bramham could not work here & went to Midland to make a box of the Oak plank, did not finish it. 15, Fine morning-J. Pendleton went with me to C.Taylors, Mr.E.Taylor, John Taylor & wife & Capt Burnley & his wife dined there16, Tho's Green delivered a Letterto the Clerk & another to the Sh'f of Orange for which I gave receipt for James Taylor. I went to Court house- Got a paper with 5 window bolts & 6 Hat hooks from Mr.Shepherds-they were brought from D.Blairs by Griffey- Took a loaf [8 1/2?] lb Sugar of F.Madisons. Bought of Majr Lee, 2doz Q's China plates for 7/- paid for them and 2/6 for 2 quarts rum had some days ago. J .Scott came home from Fox hunting with J.Pendleton. Sent Frank to H.Taylors with books, I had borrowed & a letter for G.Taylor to go by Absalom tomorrow. Absalom brought 1 doz chairs, some pewter Pots &c from H.Taylors, and loaded at Jos Clarks w'th Tobacco. 17, J .Scott & J .Pendleton went Fox hunting-Sent Frank to the Store for the Plates, bought yesterday, which he car'd to Midland-Mrs.James came here in the evening-James Taylor, his son James & Mary Taylor got home from Caroline. Aunt Thomas came with them- Miss Sally Madison & Miss Jenny Taylor went to Uncle Taylors- The weather turned warm since morning, heard frogs. Ch's Taylors daughter Molly scalded her hand, he sent to get Linseed oil to Midland. [Note- Sarah Madison, sister of the President was b. Aug.17, 1764-m.1790, Thomas Macon- Jane Taylor, dau. of Erasmus, was b.Mar 2, 1766, [?]. Jan.13, 1849- m. May 11, 1793, Charles Pitt Howard.- P.F.T.] 18, Weather mild- Aunt Thomas went to uncle Taylors- Hub'd Taylor & Reuben Taylor dined here- J.Pendleton set off to Culpeper after dinner. Mrs James went home. 19, Frank sick, gave him a dose of Salts. Went to store, Frank brot Loar Sugar & Kn & forks to Midland. Jno Taylor & wife came from Col Madisons- Dined at Uncle Taylors, Aunt Thomas &c. Weather fine-some clouds. 20, J .Taylors cart went to Walkers Saw mill and brought 208 feet plank for G.Taylor I went with E.Pendleton & M.Taylor to Uncle Taylors, Rob't Taylor & Hardin Burnley came from Culp'r Court and Capt Burnley dined there, I staid till the next evening- Jno Taylor & wife & Aunt Thomas were there- the weather cool & clear. Js Taylors old porch pulled down & new one put up. 21, At Uncle Taylors, same company as yesterday except E.Pendleton & M.Taylor- J.Pendleton came from Culpeper at night22, Went to Court- Settled with J.Walker his account for Plank &c- Catlett Conway p'd him £4.10.0 which was the full of Walker's acco't ag't G.T.- Paid Capt. Herndon 24/- for 2 pair shoes he had made for me & del'd this day- T.Barbour jr. came to J.Taylors[ Catlett Conway m. Harriet, dau. of Dr.Chas Taylor, & Thos Barbour jr., m. Mary, dau of James Taylor- nieces of the diarist, W.K.AA.] 23, Snowed at day-& con'td till 12 o'clock, not much. I went to Court. Dined at Hansford's, came at night to uncle Taylors with H.Burnley, W.Madison & Rob't Taylor[ son of Erasmus- a lawyer- m.Miss(Frances) Pendleton- W.K.A.] 24, Rob't Taylor set off to Caroline- Jno Taylor & wife set off to Rockingham, H.Burnley went to Haley's I came to J.Taylors ab't 9 o'clock- Hubbard Taylor's waggon with several negroes and several trifling things for my father got up to Midland- 4 old plates missing- Went in the evening to an oyster supper at Hansford's, Col.Madison, Uncle Taylor and about 20 in Company, the Club 4/6 staid till about 12 o'clock. 25, [Sunday] Went to Church, Mr.Waddil preached, the weather fine. 26, Rained in the morning, Sent Frank to Mr.Shepherds & got 6 Quire brown paper w'ch his waggon brought up from Blair's- J.Pendleton & F.T. went to Ch's Taylors. Capt .Burnley, Misses Judy & Polly Burnley & Miss Sally Madison , dined there- Ch's Taylor was sent for by Mrs Conway & set off in the evening- Got some Clay drawn up by the cart to cram kitchen. Jos Clark went rolling. From the Taylor Diary, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[69] 7. DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, 1787, April 14, Planted Sweet potatoes-Cucumbar, Musk & Watermelon seed in the patch- The Watermelon all of one sort, black seed, red pulp. G.Taylor & F.T. went to Capt Walkers Mill. Fished some time, Uncle E.Taylor, Jas Taylor, Rob't Taylor, T.Barbour & Jas Taylor jr. went and dined at Capt Walkers, Wm Walker's son William was there, I looked at some Walnut plank and am to have if I send for it. came home at night. 15, Weather changed cool, continues very dry. G.Taylor & F.T. went to J.Taylors & dined. 16, Weather cool & smoky, rode to H.Taylors who intends to Mr Graves's to-morrow. Graves sent words he intends to move for Kentucky in a day or two. 17, Sent George with my keg to Mr.Graves's with Hub'd Taylor for some Toll Brandy he brought my keg about 8 gallons full18, Rained a little in the night & morning-but soon left off- Sent & got 3/4 of a shoat from Jos Clarks. planted 17 Peach Cyons along the fence. 19, Rob't Taylor, T Barbour & J.Taylor jr. came here with guns to hunt. I went with them. H.Taylor & I went to where Mr.Bell is raising Limestone, Maj'r Moore was there & asked us to dine with him w'ch we did & ret'd in evening. 20, Frost- Ground frozen this morning- there has been several smart frosts this week. 20 Uncle E.Taylor, Rob't Taylor & James Taylor dined here-had plenty of Punch- Hub'd Taylor called after dinner and says Graves is to set off tomorrow & will bring up balance of Toll Brandy by here. 21, Went to Squirrel Barbecue where Mr.Bell is raising Limestone, C.Taylor, E.Taylor, J.Taylor, Mr.T.Bell & his sons, T.Barbour, J.Taylor Jr., Rob't Taylor, Hub Taylor, Reu Taylor, Maj'r Lee & John Moore were there & we fared well. 22, [Sunday] Last night very cold wind, Ice 1/4 Inch thick this morning, killed leaves and fruit. Reu Taylor & John Moore dined here, after Dinner H.Taylor called & Mr.Graves brought the balance of the Toll Brandy, Sent a keg of it to J.Taylors & brought a jug here- suppose the keg 5 or 6 Gallons & Jug near 2 Gallons 7 Quarts- Mr.Graves was moving to Kentucky- saw John & Bowie Pendleton & Mr.Tutt going to J.Taylors. Lent H.Taylor 8/- to pay Mr.Graves. Ch's Taylor & family got home. 23, Went to election. Hardin Burnley got 325. T.Barbour 229. Gordon 224 & W.Moore 131 votes. Lost my bets with C.Porter on the Election & had a bottle of Wine- Capt Powell & Col'o Hill came with us from Election. 24, Capt Powell & Col Hill went away after Breakfast. G.Taylor & self went to Court and came to Uncle Taylors to dinner. C.Dickinson came at night. I paid 6/7 1/2 to Rob't Wilson for 1 Currycomb & brush & 1 doz Lemons. 25, C.Dickinson went to Mr.Cowherds, we not being ready for him, and says he will return when done there. Rain about 8 o'clock- Went with G.T. to E.Taylors, John & Rob't & their wives, Capt Burnley & wife. W.Morton & Jas Taylor & Wm Moore dined there. Thunder, Lightning, a fine shower of rain & some hail, till night. we came away. [Wm Morton md. Mildred, dau of Erasmus Taylor, W.K.A] 26, I rested badly last night, very unwell in morning, [C?] and then feverish, continued all day. Cloudy & a few drops of rain. Planted Irish Potatoes. 27, C.Taylor came here to Breakfast. G.Taylor set off for Caroline- Weather clear. I am in better health to-day. Jas Taylor came here about 11 o'clock but did not stay long. Planted Water Melon & other seeds. Walked to J.Taylors in even & returned. 28, Went by J.Taylors & his son James went with me to Walkers Mill where we fished Wm Gibson came there & we sorted Walnut Plank, 25 of Capt Walkers 210 feet inch thick- 1 of Mr.Scotts 11 1/2 feet 2 inch thick & 7-77 1/2 feet 1 inch thick. Gibson to make 4 Tables for F.T. and to have the remain'g plank to be settled 29, Went to Church, Mr.Waddill preached. Dined with Reu Taylor & wife at Hub'd Taylors. Mrs Madison sent some Turkey eggs by Peter w'ch he brought the 30th in the morning. From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[72] 20, DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, 1787, June, 4, Col.Taylor, H.Taylor, Uncle Taylor, Bro'rs James, Charles & Reuben & Sterling Thornton, dined here & J.Pendleton. Killed Lamb. There was a smart Frost the 28th, May & 2nd, June & the weather uncommonly cold for the season, warmer to-day. [Col.James Taylor, of Caroline Co., b. Mar 20, 1703-d. Mar.1, 1784, was eldest brother of Col George Taylor, Erasmus Taylor, Mrs. Nicholas Battaile (Hannah), and Mrs Richard Thomas (Mildren), the children of Col.James and Martha Thompson Taylor, who have been mentioned up to date in these diaries-P.F.T.-] 5, Sheared some sheep. Rained a little. Bro'rs James & Reuben sent for plants. I planted Cashew seed. 6, Much rain & some thunder, growing weather. Jos Clark planted G.Taylor's crop. 7, Frank went with corn to Mill. Got ab't 3 Bushels Wheat from Quarter & had it washed. G.Taylor went to J.Taylors to dinner. Cloudy & very little rain. 8, Clear Windy day- Negro Judy, an old woman of G.Taylor's died- Toney & Moses made coffin. G.T. & self walked after dinner to J.Taylors. J.Thomas was there, we played at whist. Turkey hen hatched 7 young ones. 9, Jos Clark here to breakfast. Davy Sheared the rest of the sheep. Warmer than of late. After dinner went with my father to Hansfords. My brothers, Uncle Taylor & others there. we had some Lime punch. There was some playing at Fives. G.Taylor put 3/9 into my hands which I paid Hansford for 5 Bus.Shells had of him the 1st, instant. Saw Newspapers No.1, printed at Fredericksburg. 10, Went to Church, Mr.Waddill preached, the Congregation more numerous than have seen since winter. We went from Church to C.Taylors to dinner. J.Pendleton walked there after din'r. Rec'd note from C.Porter that he, Mr.Ingram & a Mr.Garner would be at Midland tomorrow morning to view their work etc. 11, Charles Porter, Mr.Ingram & W.Proctor came here. Mr.Carner took a slight view of the house &c but as there was no person chosen by G.Taylor present, declined doing anything now, and agreed to attend the next day after Orange Court next, when my father intends to have some person to whom the workmanship, price of work, &c about House, is to be left. Sent to Walkers Mill a bag of wheat by Frank & George for a bag of sand, the latter is returned with sand. 12, We went to Uncle Taylors to dinner. Col.Madison, Maj'r Madison, Maj'r [Hite?] & wife. Maj'r Moore & family. Ch.Taylor & do. R.Taylor & do. Capt Burnley & do & Jas Taylor & wife were there. [Col.Madison was James Madison Sr. WKA] [Col.James Madison Sr. was son of Ambrose Madison and his wife Frances Taylor, daughter of James & Martha Thompson Taylor, and sister of Col.George Taylor- "Maj'r Madison," was Maj'r Ambrose Madison, son of James Madison Sr "Maj'r [Rite?]" was Maj'r Isaac Hite who married Nelly, daughter of Col.James Madison Sr.- P.F.T.] 13, C.Taylor rode to store. Capt Burnley & family called ehre. I went with them to C.Taylor's. My father went there, also bro'r James & T.Barbour jr., Capt Conway got there on his way from Mountains in evening. 14. We went to Hansfords after dinner, J.Taylor & young men of his family, C.Taylor & sundry others there. 15, Jos Clark was here, breakfasted, & settled his Acco't with G.Taylor, who paid him off except a ballance of a few shillings. Capt Burnley dined w'th us & promised to go to Wilsons tomorrow. Very warm weather & dry. 16, Net C.Taylor at the Courthouse & went to Wilsons and from there went to Col.Burnley's to Dinner. He was from home, Mr.T.Bell, his wife & son John, W.Madison & Tho's Jones was at Col.Burnleys- We returned to Pive Battery & set off from thence about 7 o'clock- [Col.Burnley-Zachariah-was father of Capt Garland Burnley, who married Frances Taylor, dau. of Erasmus.-W.K.A.] 17, Rainbow about sunrise, Cloudy & some rain. Jos Clark was here in evening, gave him a letter to Maj'r Waugh requesting him to come to settle Mr.Ingrams price for building-John & Bowie Pendleton & T.Barbour walked here & staid 2 or 3 hours in evening. [Sunday] From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[78] 16 DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, 7, Shot at two Hawks, killed neither. A Sheep died yesterday w'ch had been bitten by wolves. G.T. & self dined at James Taylors, H.Burnley, Jn'o Thomas, Bowie Pendleton & his sister there. 8, & 9, [Sunday] Dined at home-Great meeting below at Meeting house, but being too unwell I did not go. 10, Jos Clark was here early, 2 Bus Wheat to sow to day & 2 the lith, we dined at home. My father rode to H.Taylors & met there *Cousin Z.Taylor from Mrs Dangerfields, who came with him & got here by 12 o'clock, he dined here & staid till next day- [ *His first cousin, son of Zachary, who was brother of Col.George Taylor- W.K.A.] 11, Cousin Zachary, C,Taylor & myself rode to Courthouse, heard there was to be a Squirrel Barbecue at Capt Woods' Spring some of the party invited us & we went and dined there & ret'd to Hansfords. [ This Zachary, evidently home from Ky., on a visit. He married Alice Chew- W.K.A.] 12, We went to Mr.T.Bells, C.Taylor & family, Z.Taylor, Tom Jones, J's Burnley & * J's Taylor Jr. of Caroline dined there -It was agreed to have a Squirrel hunt and Barbecue at J.Leathers Spring next Friday. Weather remarkably warm & dry 13, I went with my father to J.Taylros & dined there. Mrs T.Barbour, Z.Taylor, Tom Jones, & J.Bell, Bowie Pendleton & his sister were there- warm & rained a little. 14, Cloudy morning0 Had Squirrel hunt but the morning being windy & cloudy killed but few-which we barbecued at Leathers Spring- G.T. round half a middling, 2 Quarts rum & some bread, & Capt Burnley got a quarter of shoat of Mrs.Leathers, we had 18 in company- Bror's Ch's & James, Hardin Burnley & J.Pendleton called by & played at Whist till sunset. 15, Weather changed cool, Spence Mozingo got 3 Bus Wheat for which he is to work Went to Hansfords in evening- R.Taylors house raised. 16, [Sunday] Morning cool-We dined at C.Taylors, Capt Conways two daughters came to stay while yr parents will return from Mrs Fitzhughs17, Some frost here-Went to Culpeper Court in Comp'y James & Reu Taylor, J. & Bowie Pendleton, W.Madison, John Bell & J.Heath- got there between 10 & 11 o'clock, Bought sundry articles of Garl'd Thompson w'ch I paid for- Int [W?] £6. & Cash 32/8- Returned at 4 o'clock with J.Taylor-heard the frost bit some vines a little this morning. Cloudy evening. 18, Very sore & unwell- cloudy day, rainy at night. 19, Prettyman Merry paid £32. in part of his 1st bond for £40. due June 1, last. G.C.Taylor got up from Hanover & went to C Taylors- Gathered Apples-weather cool. 20, Uncle E.Taylor; J Taylor; C Taylor; J Pendleton; *J.Taylor jr., Caroline; & G.C. Taylor dined here. Lent J.Pendleton my gun to go hunting for deer tomorrow. Moses & George began to saw Corn-house logs. [*Cen'l.James Taylor, of Newport, Ky. [S?].F.T.] 21, Dug some Sweet Potatoes. 22, Went to Hansfords. Geo Gatlett got there in evening. 23, Went to Church-dined at J.Taylors, Mrs Thomas, Capt Buckner & wife, Chs Taylor & Geo Catlett there- Jas Burnley came home with G.C.Taylor. 24, G Taylor let me have 4 guineas & I let him have hair a joe- 35/- in his favor A.Holmes called by with a Coat he made for me, paid him 12/- went to Court, saw Capt Walker, told him told him could not pay for paling till Jan'y he said he would wait till then. Little rain. 25 Cloudy morning & some rain. Geo Catlett & J.Pendleton came over & J.Taylor from Court, to dinner & C.Taylor, G.Catlett staid26, C.Taylor came in morning & bled G. Catlett, J Taylor & J Pendleton to dinner, G.Burnley & C.Taylor came after dinner, Ch's Dickinson & W.Mansfield came about business with G.Taylor & dined. Geo Catlett staid. , J.Pendleton, 27, G.Catlett went with G.Taylor & self to Ch's Taylors [?] went to J.Taylors. From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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[19] 17 DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1787, 1787, September, 28, J.Taylor, G,Catlett & J.Pendleton came by & we went with them to H.Taylors. Maj'r Moore, Col.Knox, Capt Burnley, C Taylor R'n Taylor & G.C.Taylor dined there. H.Taylor, Catlett & knox intend to sett out tomorrow on way to Fred'g Races29, I went with J.Pendleton, his wife & J.Taylor jr to Reu Taylors- G.C.Taylor was there, after dinner the men went to Courthouse to play at Fives &c-My father went to Courthouse, got mare shod & dined at Uncle Taylors- very cool evening30, [Sunday] No frost-very clear & fine morning, windy about 9 o'clock, near there was a little frost but not to do any injury hereOctober, 1, Slight frost- Reed a letter from Capt Johny Scott with a prescription for the Stone & Gravel- I got the herb arsesmart & made a strong decotion as directed. G.C.Taylor dined with us today2, Last night took the arsesmart decoction, but did not find any effect yet. G.C Taylor went to C.Taylors. Weather cloudy & warmer. 3, G.C.Taylor came here & went with my father & self to Maj'r Moores, C.Taylor & family, Reu'n Taylor & family & Miss Throckmorton were there. Warm [mornin?] cool and clear evening- Cut tobacco here4, G.C.Taylor went to C.Taylors, G.Taylor & self walked to J.Taylors, the family being abroad, G.T. went to C.Taylors. I returned & helped to make pen about the Spring. Smart frost today. 5, Went to my father to Col.Taliaferro's to the dancing school kept by Col Tatterson, Thirteen scholars, C.Taylor & wife, F.Taliaferro & family, Mrs.Dade & Geo Porter dined there. 6, No frost this morning. My father sent 3 ps Bacon to Bro'r James's who sent back a piece of fresh Beef. C.Taylor also sent a ps Beef- Went with my father & G.C.Taylor to Muster. No roll called. Saw Mr.Ingram there and gave him my fathers accot ag't him & C Porter. I gave note for teh goods I had of Maj'r Lee for the sum of £3.18.4 1/2 pay'ble 1, Jany. 1788. 7, [Sunday] Aurora Borealis last night & the night before. Weather warm & fine dined with G Taylor at C Taylors. 8, Rained a little, my father sent to J.Taylor & Ch's Taylor who came and dined here, also J.Pendleton, Bowie Pendleton, T.Barbour G.C.Taylor & Hardin Burnley-Nich's Bickers bought 6 lb wool for 6/- cash which paid G.Taylor. 9, Spence Mozingo came to work at 2/- pr day. Went with G.T. to J.Taylors, C.Taylor, G.C.Taylor, J.B.Pendleton & two Miss Caty Pendletons were there. Rained a little. 10, S.Mozingo came to work again this morning & went to Muster about noon. I went with G.Taylor to Muster-G.C.Taylor came here to dinner at night. 11, J.Clark came early & brought plantation acco't Agt G.Taylor, he, Capt Burnley & C.Taylor breakfasted here- G.Taylor & G.C.Taylor set off to Caroline- had closet & entry washed12, Capt Burnley breakfasted here, wanted a ladder to mend his chimney but ours did not suit. Frank went to mill with last old Corn, 3 bus. 13, J.Taylor breakfasted here, had rec'd a letter that bro'r Jonathan's Daughter, Rachel, was married to John Finney- I think he is a wortyy man. Cool, cloudy & windy morning, fine day after. J.Taylor spoke to borrow some brandy & sent a jug(about 2 gallons) which I filled. T.Barbour jr came here & said his brothers waggon was down & if we had a Cask to send for Gyder to his fathers would carry it, but having no Cask defer it to another opportunity- Tobacco cut here. S.Mozingo staid two nights past, went home14, [Sunday] Frost, went to Church, Mr.Waddill not there, Dined at J.Taylors, two Miss C Pendletons, J.Gaines, Jo Thomas jr & Alex Waugh jr dined there. From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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