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24, A little white frost - clear. Mr. John Hencher came here to Breakfast, and looked
at my Oxen, but did not purchase, till afternoon, he had been to see a pair of
Mallory's and one of S.Fox's when he came back he bought the largest pair of my young Oxen at 18.- he paid 9. and to pay balance when he sells Tobacco.
He dined with me, and with his boy, droff off the oxen. I walked to Court house & got Newspapers-

25, Fair and warm. I sent letters to C. Taylor's for Jon's Taylor, Hub'd Taylor, Wm.
Taylor jr. & Rich'd Woolfolk, which Ab'm Proctor promised to convey to Kentucky
Gathering Corn & drawing to Fodder shelter. Reu Taylor came here, I went with
him to J.Taylor's who was gone to Madison Court-we returned to dinner-after
he was gone I went to Ch's Taylor's in evening.

26, Fair morning-warm dry, windy-Smoky & hazy evening. I staid at home-sent 2 bags Corn & got meal at Madison's Mill.

27, Saturday, Rained before day and very moderately before noon- I fear not enough to make Wheat vegetate- Cleared afternoon,hazy- I staid at home. Had 8 Hhds Corn put in old house from the Stack. Cut off a Shirt for each of my negroes, Germ'n Ozn'a

28, Sunday, Thin clouds and cool. I walked to Court house. Mr.O'Neil did not atten, but few people. I returned home from Court house- Saw John Taylor,who with his family got to his mother's friday evening.

29, Very cold, hard frost and ice, clear. Reuben Taylor came here beforenoon. I got him to cut my Hair short- Let him have 33.9.0 to pay for Boarding & teaching his son Frank another year. R.T. went home by 11 o'cl'k. Sent Frank to Joseph Clark's with 2 lb Spun Cotton. 1 3/4 lb Wool and 16 1/2 lb thread for to get wove. Frank brought home_Yards Wooled Cloth, being part of the Yarn sent the 4th instant.

30, Very cold hard frost0 ice near inch thick on piggin, Clear cok & clouds. I had a wether killed. Sent a side 27 lb to Wm Stewart p/r George. Had 2 Ewes put in cornfield- 34 my number of Sheep. Had 22 Hhds corn put into New house. Old Brindle Cow calved.

31, Great mountains covered with Snow, continues remarkable cold, and windy, some drops rain last night-rain last night-very clear to day. Had 30 Hogs put into mountain field to fatten up.

1, Thursday,Cold, cloudy-Snowed in morning with hail and in afternoon rained, moderately till night-countinues cold, but little rain fell. I staid at home, as I have done since sunday.

2, Cloudy last night and to day, in evening late began to rain. Had 8 Hhds Corn measured, 6 of them put into Old Corn house & 2 Hhds carried to M.Biggers's

3, A little rain last night. Cloudy morn, cleared in evening. Had 5 Hhds Corn
measured & put into Old Cold house.

4., Sunday, Clear morn, flying clouds in evening, cold. I went to J.Taylor's- Mr Ben Ellis, J.Taylor Jr & wife, dined there.

5, Sharp frost cear and cool. Pulling down & Carting Corn. I went after break-
fast to C.Taylor's got sundry articles which he bought at Fred'g for me.
amount 18/9 which I credit him0 I returned by 11 o'clock0Reuben Taylor was here went away about 12 o'clock, said was going to Maj'r moore's. Had Cabbage set in Trenches.

6, Great white frost. Fiar moderate. I carried Pattern of Jacket ^ trimmings to Mrs Burnley to get made up. As I returned went to hold a gate for the Ox Cart
with Corn to come through0 The Cart ran against one post, pulled it down, it
fell on me and beat me down & bruiesd my left side very much.

7, Wednesday, Great white frost again-Fair & mild- hazy at night. Sent 2 Bags Corn & got meal from M.Kinney's mill. Sent and got my light Cart from J.Mc
Neil's shop. Sent Frank with Riding mare & got shod at Shepherd's Shop. My
back continues very painful, from yesterday's bruise.

From the Taylor Diary #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.