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6,Ceased rained before noon having continued four days pretty constantly, mild &
some clouds all day. I sent Frank to Joseph Clarks and got 3 pecks of Spanish
& Bermuds potatoes & 1/2 Bus' Flax seed. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's -
Fanny Barbour & T.Barbour's family there - T.Barbour went for Fred'g to day -
I sent memo' for him to purchase dome articles for me.

7,Cloudy mild-some sunshine in evening. I went to Col.Madison's to the burying of
Mrs Mary W[illis] Madison. Mr O'Niel read the service. There was a considerable
large number of genteel people. I dined at the Col.Madison's, when I got home
*Thompson Taylor & Hugh Mercer Tennant were at my house, they were on their
way to Kentucky - Thompson left home in Feburary - says friends were then well
expect brother Jonathon, who had a bad cough and in a low state of health.
[*Thompson, son of Commodore Richard Taylor, WKA]

8, Sunday. A shower of rain in last night. Fair pleasent day. Thompson Taylor's
mare had her back badly hurt by the saddke &swelled too bad to ride her - He
wrote a note to J.Taylor jr. who came over & let him have a horse in exchange
for her. Thompson too let J.T. have a bond due from one of Kirton to his father
for £6. which bond J.Pendleton had to collect themoney. J.Taylor also came
over - Thompson Taylor & Hugh Mercer Tennant proceeded on their journey toward
Red-stone, via Winchester. J.Taylor & J.Taylor jr & I went to Courth house
to Funeral semon on the death of Mrs.[Mary Willis] Madison preached by Mr.
Waddell to a tolerable number of people - I came to J.Taylors to dinner. Reuben
Burnley John Moore, Rob't T.Moore, Fanny Barbour, J.T.jr & wife, dined
there - Capt R'd Barbour, his wife &Lucy Barbour from Madison &Thos Barbour
from Fred'g got there and dined after - Th. Barbour infirmed me he had purchased
Ozbab'gs & other things for me - I saw Joseph Clark at Court house & paid
him 7/6 for Flax seed & potatoes got on the 6th. John Taylor got down to
Court house to sermon, he lately arrived from Georgia.

9, Fair and pleasant - very slight frost. I went to James Taylor's - Thomas Barbour
paid me the sum of £62.12.3. cash & bought sundry articled at Fred'g for me
£15.15.1 & bringing 1/11, making in all £78.9.3 Which sum I gave credit
on the bond from him & his father. He sent to S.Fox's for part of the things
(being left there by T.Herndon) to J.Taylor's- Rueben Taylor was at J.Taylor's,
I let him have £25.0.0 to pay for his son Frank's schooling & board, which I
promised him for the present year. Tho's Barbour & family - his brother Philip
& sisters Fanny & Lucy- R's Barbour's wide, Reu Taylor, Wm Moore jr, Phil Barbour
(of Ambrose) Mrs Cambell, Chs & Thos Beli, dines there. Reuben Burnely & John
Moore was there before noon & J.Taylor jr went with them to cock fight at Col

10, Fair warm morning, Scattered clouds & wind in evening. I went to J.Taylor's
after breakfast- rectified a mistake in the money rec'd of T.Barbour yesterday
Frank brought home 1 Bolt oznab'gs Side leather &Spade,T.Barbour had bought
for me. T.Barbour & family, Nancy Taylor, Philip, Fanny &Lucy Barbour went to
Madison- I came home to diner. J.Taylor sent in morning & got 4lb butter.
John Taylor walked here in evening & staid.

11, Rained in night- some broken clouds, wind &cooler. Isent to ask C.Taylor to
dine here, he sent word that he was very unwell, but better than last evening.
John Taylor, Robert Taylorm C.P.Howard, J.Taylor & C.Bell, dined here: they
went away in evening. (Wednesday).

12, Broken clouds. Wm Stewart sent a note & got 7 1/2 lb Wool. Heard that *Tho's Bell
died last night. Had the Geese(excpet 4 Setting) Turned out of meadow. Planted
1/2 Bus; Spanish & 1/4 Bus' Bermudas potatoes. John Smith (shoemaker) sent 2 dollars
by his little son to buy bacon. I let him have a midling 10 3/4 lb. & sent 1/3
back. Had 1/2 Bushel Flaxseed sown near the Spring. I went in evening to see
C.Taylor who has been sick, and got better. Wm Bell was here when I returned-
I paid him 6 dollars for making a pair Cart wheels; but he had not got boxes for
them yet, which when he gets I am to pay for, and for hooping, the nuts &c.
[*Thomas Bell , son of Thomas & Elizabeth Taylor Bell.]

From the TAYLOR DIARY #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection,
University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO