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1790, February,
16, [Cont'd] C.Taylor gave a receipt in my name for the above inclosure and left with Capt Rob't Yancey yesterday at Culpeper Court.
17, Warm weather, somewhat cloudy. G.Taylor rode to Court house, ret'd by Rob't Taylor's and dined there. I went to J.Taylor's, Reu Taylor came here and then went with G.C.T. to J.Taylor's and dined- Reuben borrowed my horse & with J.Taylor jr & G.C.Taylor went in the evening to Capt Scott's to have a Fox hunt to-morrow
18, Cloudy morning, began about 10 o'clock to rain. I went with my father to C.Taylor's and returned in evening- very wet- Received a Skillet by Absalom which H.Taylor bought for me.
19, Cleared in the night, very fine day- Went with my father to C.Taylor's, J.Taylor & family-T.Barbour's do. Mrs.James, dined there. G.C.T. came home & went there also.
20, Cloudy morning- Robert Taylor called here in rain about 9 o'clock, he was going to a sale at John Carter's- we sent for J.Taylor & C.Taylor who came about noon. Very rainy till 2 o'clock, cleared fine & warm. J.Taylor jr & T.Barbour jr came here in evening & G.C.T.aylor went away with them.
21,[SUNDAY] Cloudy soft weather, the earth's tolerably settled- We dined at home except G.C.T. who dined at J.Taylor's and came home in evening
22, Continues Cloudy and mild weather Went with my father & G.C.T. to Court, gave a letter to ColJameson to get Mr.Fields to carry to Kentucky to W.Taylor.
23, I was very unwell last night with cholick. Rainy morning- My father & G.C.Taylor went to Uncle Taylor's- the latter staid.
24, Continued to rain a little last night and till after breakfast, cleared warm & windy- Maj'r Moore, John Taylor, James Taylor, Reuben Taylor and Uncle Taylor dined here- Capt Burnley here after dinner.
25, Clear and a little cool but no frost. John Taylor came by on the way to Fred'g I sent 20/- with memo' to C. or Reuben Taylor to get me some things. I went with G.Taylor to Capt Burnley, Mr.Shepherd, F.Madison, Maj'r Moore, J.Taylor & family, Col'o T.Barbour's family & T.Barbour jr's do were there. G.C.T. went to Breeches maker's. Capt Burnley & bro'r James in partnership making plant patch on the main run. M.Perry burnt one by the Spring in new ground. Weather fine.
26, Weather continues fine
27, Burnt Plant Patch below the Spring and in evening it was sown. Best Cabbage South side the branch, the other side common seed. Sowed Peas in square next the gate- Whit Asparagus seed 6 rows in square next meat house- G.C.Taylor ret'd from Stodgels came by Capt Burnley's. G.Taylor, Ararat, dined here.
28, [SUNDAY] Charles, Reuben & John Taylor came from Reuben Taylor's to breakfast, they got up last night from Fredericksburg, say negroes sold high. C.Taylor brought me some things, they went away after breakfast. J.Taylor came here after breakfast & went away soon after. G.C.Taylor went with R.Taylor to Maj'r Moore's-
March 1,
1, Reuben Taylor came here early to enquire for some things Tay'r Jones was to bring up in his waggon, heard they were left at C.Taylor's and he went there C.Taylor sent me some medecines he bought for me at Fredericks'g also a Rock and two Perch. About noon began to rain with a little [snow?] and was a rainy evening. J.Taylor had Bell's waggon carrying rails from here.
2, Went with my father & G.C.T. to J.Taylor's- C.Taylor's family, Capt Burnley & his family there.
3, Uncle Taylor, J.Taylor & son, & Ch.Taylor dined here. Capt C.Lindsay & ColAlcock called here to see bro'r James- Very cold weather. Killed the fatted Ox. Weighed F.Quarter 168. H.Quarter 158.lb.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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