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DIARY OF FRANCIS TAYLOR, 1789, 1789 November,
5, I went to Maj'r Lee's Store & bought & paid him for sundry articles. Mrs.Lee was deliv'd of a daughter this morning. I ret'd and went with Dicky & Colby & dined at C.Taylor's- Geo Terril there- the Joiners covering house.
6, I went after dinner to Maj'r Lee's, who exchanged Keg of Rum for Brandy, 7 gallons- Col.Madison Sr on his way to Fred'g came here & John Moore with him.
7, After breakfast Col Madison proceeded on his journey & J.Moore went away- weather smoky & warm.
8, [SUNDAY] I went with Dicky & Colby and dined at C.Taylor's. There was a moderate rain last night.
9, Geo Marshall Head got a Licence to marry Milly Rucker (Joel Rucker security) pd 3/- I went to J.Taylor's Davy got a Side Soal Leather. I walked to Uncle Taylor's in evening, borrowed a book of Col.Madison's "Acc't of Pele Islands" Mr.Goodlet at school to-day, the first time since October 2d.
10, A very little rain & warm. J.Taylor here to dinner, he went from Culp'r to Fredricksb'g and now on his way home-Capt Burnley also dined here.
11, I returned the book I bor'd at Uncle Taylor's, he & family abroad- I went to J.Taylor's & with him to G.Taylor's where we dined- J.Taylor went to meet his family who returned from Culpeper.
12, C.Taylor set off for Fred'g. I gave him a letter for R'd Taylor. I went after dinner to J.Taylor's.
13, H'd Taylor breakfasted here on his way to Ingram's. I walked to the [Store?] & ret'd by School house to dinner.
14, I went with Dicky & Colby to H.Taylor's & dined there, his sister *Nancy there. Reu Taylor there after dinner. Capt Burnley brought me a letter in morning from my father & breakfasted here.
15, [SUNDAY] Remarkable Northern light-between 9 & 10 o'clock, the sky was red in the zenith & South as well as in the North &c, it was smoky & a little cloudy The weather cloudy & smoky this morning. I went with the boys to J.Taylor's & dined. G.C.Taylor got home from Jon'a Taylor's &c. F.S.Taylor ret'd from Redstone, the water being too low to go down the river, where he intended to have gone with Mr.Blair & others- who all came back.
16, Examined Beef-some spoiled- G.C.Taylor & F.S.Taylor dined at C.Taylor's
17, I went to Capt Burnley's- Mr.T.Bell was there & Capt Burnley being from home, he came with me, C.Taylor & Capt Burnley also dined here- Weather turned cool or last night & clear.
18, I went with G.C.Taylor, F.S.Taylor, C.Taylor & Capt Burnley to where T.Barbour was blowing limestone. J.Taylor & son & Mr.T.Bell were there- My father got home from Caroline. Complained of not being well.
19, Went with my father, G.C. & F.S.Taylor & dined at C.Taylor's, weather cold.
20, The same, went to Hub'd Taylor's, Maj'r Moore & family, Mrs Throckmorton, Reu Taylor & family, Mr.T.Bell & daughter, Jenny, Taylor & Jas.Taylor jr., were there.
21, G.C.Taylor came home last night & ret'd to-day. Capt Burnley brought me a flannel Jacket made by Mrs Burnley & dined here. Smoky, cloudy & a little rain. Killed a cow yesterday & had it cut out to-day. G.C.T. & F.S.T. dined at H.Taylor's
22, [SUNDAY] G.C.T. & P.S.T., Dicky & Colby dined at Uncle Taylor's G.Taylor & I dined at J.Taylor's
23, We all went to Court. Capt Burnley p'd me £8.17.0 for £8.28.7 1/2 War'ts which he p'd Sherif for Taxes.
24, Jos Clark came here to breakfast & settled his acco't with G.Taylor & p'd him 23/10. Thos Mallory & son came here coopering. F.S.Taylor went to C.Taylor's G.T., G.C.T. & I went to Court.
25, Rained a little before day & since- T.Mallory &c went away in the morning. Very wet evening & windy.
26, Rainy all day and windy.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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