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27, Clear morning after a fine rain. We went to J.Taylor's. Reu Taylor came by, borrowed my horse, dined at J.Taylor's & set off to Mr.Glassell's- J.Pendleton' & T,Barbour's families at J.Taylor's, R'd Barbour Sh'[f?]. & Miss E. Buckner.
28, Rained moderately in morning and showery all day. Reu Taylor ret'd in evening had bo't Nails &c- Capt Burnley here after dinner.
29, Clear & cool morning, I walked with the boys to Reuben Taylor's, he was gone to a shooting match and we returned- G.Taylor rode there and dined. G.C.T. came home in evening.
30 [Sunday] J.Pendleton borrowed my horse & he, H.Pendleton, J.Taylor jr & G.C.Taylor went to meeting. after dinner J.Taylor walked here w'th his son Harry- Several light showers to-day.
31, Very cool- J.Taylor, J.Pendleton, H.Pendleton and C.Taylor dined here- J.Taylor's wife, E.Pendleton, with Mrs Burnley came here from Capt Burnley's after dinner, also T.Barbour & wife from Maj'r Moore's. T.Mallory mending some Hnds at M.Perry's breakfasted here. G.T. sent 1/4 shoat to M.P.
1, Hay Battaile, J.Pendleton(of Caroline), Alf.Hoomes, Uncle E.Taylor, J.Taylor, Capt. Burnley & Jno. Burnley dined here.
2, G.C.T. went to F.Taliaferro's and dined there w'th Hay Battaile & Law Battaile, a heavy rain w'th thunder afternoon.
3, Went with G.Taylor to E.Taylor's and dined there. R't Taylor's wife & children there. G.C.T dined at J.Taylor's.
4, G.C.T. went to Maj'r Madison's. I killed 2 squirrels- plowing part of yard & sowed it with grass seed.
5, Lent G.C.T. my horse, who went with J.Pendleton, Bowie & H.Pendleton &c to A.Gaines' to play at fives. I walked to School-house, Alex Shepherd there- Mr.Goodlet kept school to-day.
6, [Sunday] G.C.T. went to Pinestake Church- The rest of the family went with C.Taylor, who came by, to J.Taylor's, J.Pendleton & T.Barbour & families were there.
7, Had the yard covered with bushes- The Trees &c cut down below the Spring to cover a place for plant patch.
8, G.T. went to Col.L.Taliaferro's & saw Mr.Jos.Jones, he came home by noon & I went with him to C.Taylor's and dined. G.C.T. went to Capt Dade's-*F.Stubbs Taylor & Thompson Taylor came up [from Caroline-WKA] this even'g & went to C.Taylor's & ret'd with me at night.--[*F.Stubbs Taylor, son of Capt. Edmund & Sarah (Stubbs) Taylor-- Thompson, son of Commodore Richard & Catherine (Davis) Taylor--PFT]
9, Went to School with the boys-F.S.T. came back to dinner. J.Taylor jr dined with us.
10, G.Taylor, F.S.Taylor & myself went to J.Taylor's. C.Taylor also dined there.
11, Went with G.Taylor, F.S.Taylor & Thompson Taylor & dined at Uncle Taylor's.
12, My father, my nephews Frank, Thompson, Richard and Colby & Hub Taylor's brother's Reuben & Edmund dined at Reuben Taylor's- Rained last night
13, [Sunday] All our family, Reuben Taylor, Hub'd Taylor & family, J.Taylor & son, & F.S.Taylor & Thompson Taylor dined at C.Taylor's. Miss M.Conway got up from Capt.Conway's.
14, Bro'r James came here & borrowed 20/- of me which he gave to F.S.Taylor, I also gave Fra.Stubbs Taylor four Guineas & 10/6 silver £6.2.6. Frank & Thompson Taylor set out for Caroline.
15, G.C.Taylor went to Maj.Burton's, where he expects to meet Jno. Taylor & intends to Rockingham w'th him-Gathered Apples.
16, G.Taylor went to Col.Madison's. J.Taylor came here in evening & paid me four dollars- Cloudy.
17, Rained a little & cloudy all day-smart rain last night- H.Taylor here in evening, Boys did not go to school.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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