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6, -Continued- J.Taylor came there from Col'o Pendleton's. I gave him the Precepts he left with me and what I had issued. he came home and says he intends back for his family Saturday next the 9th. The persons app'd to set value on Slave Gabriel Recovered by B.Hansford of N.Porter, settled his value at £80. & £11. pr year for his hire or profit.
7, I was unwell last night and to-day- It rained a little in morning, very cool. J.Taylor dined here & went to Ct-house after. Planted forward Cucumber & Muskmelon seeds [?] hills on North side the garen.
8, Had hills made between Plant patch, and planted H.Battaile's best Water-melon seed in 25 hills next the house, the other hills W.Madison's sort. Muskmelon seed from Caroline & Com'n Cucumber seed round the whole-
9, I went with my father to Court house, he got his horse shod- & bought 250, 8d nails & some Coffee at Lee's- G.T. paid for the Coffee- we returned to dinner-A son of W.Pollock's came to get didimus to take Joseph Chandler's Dep'n in suit Pollock vs Thomas's Exor's. I promised to give R't Taylor Att'o for Deft notice to meet at Chandler's the 21st instant-
10, Rained before day and in the morning, cloudy all day but not much rain.[Sunday]
11, I went to Office and made out business in R.Taylor's Memo. walked to Rob't Taylor's & gave him notice that Depo' in suit Pollock vs Thomas's Exors. I returned to Dinner. Issued Write Anth'o Garton vs John Groom- planted Cabbages in Garden.
12, Moses Perry sent some Bacon, 5 ps of B.Barrow to exchange & got 4 ps weighing as much- Had Irish Potatoes & Indian peas planted- Rich'd Barbour (of Cul'pr) came after dinner & I gave him the Business for Sherrif- J.Taylor returned from Culpeper. I went over & gave him acco't of the business done in his absence &c.
13, A sheep died last night- we had a small shoat killed- Maj'r Moore, Capt Burnley & J.Taylor dined here- C.Taylor was here but a man came and went away with him before dinner- A very good rain at night with a little thunder-
14, Foggy cloudy morning, but cleared fine day- After dinner I went to J.Taylor's- Reu Taylor came there, wanted to borrow a lock to put to his meat house. Richard Taylor lent him his padlock-
15, Reuben Taylor came & returned the lock he borrowed yesterday & got one of G.Taylor's, he returned before dinner. Cloudy and small rain in evening. I killed a Large Night Hawk- Ben Porter came w'th boys from School ab't noon & Dicky went home with him.
16, Great rain last night w'th some thunder & lightning- Clear day- Colby & I went down the run, but it was very muddy, the fish would not bite. Replanted Cucumbers round the peas & Watermelons about the Cherry stump.
17, [Sunday] Bees swarmed No.1. Went with my father & Colby Taylor to J.Taylor's to dinner C.Taylor & A.Madison there- Maj'r Madison says Tob'o is 14/- pr hundred at Fredericksburg. G.Taylor let me have Two Notes on Royston's No 728 Nt. 1217 & No. [?]29 Nt 1249 15-
18, G.Taylor rode before breakfast to H.Taylor's. M.Perry was here & said as plants were like to be scarce he thought it would be a good way to plant Corn in Ground next the house- G.T. brought 3 Lemons from H.Taylor's. Uncle Taylor, Bro'r James & his son dined here, we had a bowl of Punch, there was a little rain in the evening- J.Taylor pd me 5 guineas £7- we had a small shoat killed- Youngest Turkeys hatched-
19, Planted Corn in the ground towards road- I was very unwell- took some Rhubarb- very cool, some drops of rain- Reuben Taylor came in evening. I gave him a Wheel to make Barrow- M.Perry had peas to plant- I paid him 3/- for 1 lb. stocking yarn his wife had spun.
20, Very good rain last night & this morning & cloudy about 12 o'clock. B.Porter jr came from school with the boys last night & went home this evening- the boys did not go to school- After dinner H.Taylor & his bro'r James came here. Hubbard said his waggon will set off tomorrow to Fredericksburg. Bro'r James & his son James came here & Mr. Fisher came to see bro'r James ab't business, he had just gone & Mr.Fisher returned-
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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