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24, Gathered Apples- gathered the 19th, last year- After dinner W.Taylor, J.Pendleton, & T.Barbour walked here from J.Taylor's- Capt Burnley also came & asked us to go with him to take four Bee hives, we (except J.Pendleton, who staid till we returned) went with him and eat honey &c- the hives were tolerable good.
25, G.Taylor sent Moses & George over the Mountain to get Apples- they carried the Cart- G.T. went there also- Reuben Taylor came here after breakfast, but returned soon, nobody at home but myself- Capt Burnley went to C.Taylor's for medicine for his child- as he returned got him to Bleed my father's Sorril Mare for a bad Founder she got Tuesday by eating Rye Bran at Mill- He went home to dinner- very fine weather for getting Fodder &c.some people almost done.
26, I was unwell- J.Taylor walked here and told me he should not set off to Richmon so soon as he intended, he not being well- J.Pendleton came by & I went with him to the Singing School at Church, returned in afternoon. *Wm Taylor [of Botetourt, son of Jonathan-WKA] went to J.Taylor's at night from Church. *[Wm. Taylor, son of Jonathan and Ann (Berry) Taylor, b.1768m. Nov.24, 1795, Susan H.Gibson. Moved to Kentucky in 1796 and settled on Floyd's Fork. He was a very large land owner and was called "Big Foot Billy," Of his children: Ann, m. Thomas Barbour; Mary B., m.William Barbour; Elizabeth, m. Dr.William G.Willett Susan, m. William Gibson; Sarah Frances, m. Edmund T.Berry; John Gibson, m.Gretta G.Barnes; Matilda, m. Col.Roberty Mallory; and William Willet, m.Sarah Alice Sandford. -PFT]
27, I heard that Aunt Taylor returned home Yesterday from Winchester, I went there and got a letter from Mr.Balmain with my watch (repairing cost 4/6- I went on to Court house- Saw Capt Wood & got him to take my Int Warrants for £54.6.6. to get them registered at Richmond- Gave C.Dickinson a L'tre (about B.Taylor's Land) for Rob Dickinson- This day was appointed for Arbitrating a Lawsuit, Smith, Bowdoin & Hunter vs. Hay Taliaferro. The Arbitrators met. H.Taliaferro & F.Walker his lawyer, & H.Burnley also met, but the latter said they had not some Books or papers necessary. Wm Taylor came home with me from Court house.
28, [Sunday] I went with G.Taylor and Wm Taylor to dinner at C.Taylor's. The girls were gone to Singing School. C.Taylor borrowed 1 doz Candles.
29, Cloudy morning- .Taylor went to Mr.Shepherd's, G.Taylor went to J.Clark's- I was very unwell & staid at home, a little rain- J.Pendleton & family went to Culpeper.
30, W.Taylor came home in evening, he went from Mr.Shepherd's last night with Hub'd Taylor & dined there to-day- Reu Taylor came with W.Taylor & staid all night- rained a little.
1, Reu Taylor after breakfast went to Shepherd's to get a plow made. G.Taylor went to J.Clark's and had the Brandy brought home- made 128 Gall's-J.Clark had got home from Shop & ret'd here to dinner. He & W.Taylor intended to Col Madisons, but rain prevented them-
2, Reu.Taylor, W.Taylor & self went to C.Taylor's after breakfast- C.Taylor came back with us. J.Taylor & son also dined here- Cloudy but not much rain-
3, G.Taylor, W Taylor & self went to Uncle Taylor's to dinner, J.Taylor, his wife J.Taylor jr, T.Barbour, C.Taylor, Reu Taylor, were there. John & Robert & their families were there. Rob Taylor was cleaning his house &c till dinner- Venison for dinner- Cloudy all day- Wm Taylor went at night to J.Taylor's-
4, I went with G.Taylor to J.Taylor's, who with family were gone to Mrs Thomas's, we went there & dined with Mr.Buckner & wife, Col.T.Barbour, T.B. jr & wife- W.Taylor went again to J.Taylor's- Sent first bag new corn to Mill.
5, [Sunday] W.Taylor came from J.Taylor's to dinner, after he went to Reu Taylor's they intended to-morrow to Capt Conway's. I lent my gun to W.Taylor- C.Taylor & family went to C.Conways yesterday- This day very cool- Circle round the Sun most of the day.
6, Bro'r James came by and I went to Howarth's Store with him. set in rainy about 11, o'clock and cont'd all day. I returned to dinner. G.C.Taylor got here from Caroline, came from H.Taylor's this morning- J Taylor jr dined here & staid. J.Clark cut a good deal of Tob'o. Killed a lamb.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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