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26, Rained a little in morning- went again to Court-fine evening. Got Jo Griffy to carry a hat to Fred'g to get dressed &c.
27, Weather Clear- went to Court, w'ch adjourned to Court in course. returned in evening with G.Taylor by Uncle Taylor's & dined a little before Sunset- We walked to-day.
28, Moses went to getting more pales for yard- he has been Getting rails for several days- Prettyman Merry sent by his overseer Thomason £21.2.0 (vizt. 8 half-Joes & 1 Dble pistole weighing 79 Penny w't 3 Grains) in part pay for his bond to G.Taylor, for which I sent a Rec't & give him Cr. on bond- I give G.Taylor Credit for £20.0.7 1/2 as I returned Mr.Merry a bad 1/2 Dollar, which I say is 1/4 1/2
29, Went with G.T. to Col.Madison's-Maj'r Hite & family & Mr.F.Madison dined there- the last went home.
30, Staid at Col.Madison till evening & returned home- Maj'r Hite, A.Madison & familys at Col.Madison's.
31, [Sunday] Cloudy morning, began to rain about 9 o'clock, which prevented our going to Church. I walked after din'r to Uncle Taylor's and left my watch & 4 Qrs of Dollar for Aunt Taylor to carry to Winchester to get put in order. J.Taylor was there- John & Rob Taylor & their familys.
1, Cloudy morning & a little rain. Hub'd Taylor was here to breakfast & asked my father to let him have peaches between fences on Mountain, which he is to have. Sent George by J.Taylors for 3 Bus' Wheat to go to mill, he brought Flour home John & Robert Taylor set out in the Waggon to Spots'a Court, their wives dined at J.Taylor's-John Thomas Sr, J.Pendleton, Thos Barbour & families, G.Taylor & F.T. dined there. Cloudy all day, a little rain in evening.
2, Fine clear day. Had some Tarts & peach pies baked, the first since being here. J.Clark Cutting Tob'o, here & breakfasted. G.Taylor rode down with him about noon. [Nad?] Turney seed sown in Tob'o ground by Potatoe patch- killed 2 Squirrels in evening.
3, Killed 2 Squirrles this morning. Saw Aurora borealis last night- there were four successive nights last week the Aurorra appeared. Very fine weather. Bull put with cows- Went to Unlcle Taylor's, Aunt Taylor & Cousin Jenny setting out to Winchester. Miss N'y Bell to go with them- James Taylor & family, J.Pendleton & do. T.Barbour's wife & G.Taylor dined there.
4, I took a dose Salts. Went with G.Taylor to Hub'd Taylor's, Who with Maj'r Moore & C.Conway had been taking Depositions about the insanity of Daniel James- J.Taylor & family, Reu Taylor & do. J.Pendleton do. Tho' Barbour do. Maj'r Moore do. Miss Throckmorton, dined there.
5, Dug Sweet Potatoes. I was taken with a very Cold Chill last night & have high fever all day with Soreness & headach- took 11 grains Ipecac in morning, did not vomit- Afternoon 25 Grains. Heard Whip poor Will cry at night.
6 Rode to Court house with G.T., from thence to Mr.T.Bell's & dined. J.Taylor & family, Eliz Pendleton, Maj'r Lee, Mrs Burnley & Miss Polly Burnley dined there- Cloudy evening-
7, [Sunday] Rainy morning & rained most of last night, moderately.
8, Rainy night. J.Taylor was here in morning, had rec'd a letter from W.[Taylor?] [in Ky.WKA.] my father another. bro'r William wrote that he had a daughter born last March- that he was much in want of a Negro girl & some money my father had promised him- Thunder and heavy rain in evening- Capt Burnley & T.Barbour were in the woods and came here very wet. Sent letter to +B.Taylor about Land- also 6/- pr J.Griffy, to pay for dressing a hat.
[*Elizabeth, daughter of Maj'r William Taylor, marriedSept.20, 1894: Dr.Francis Taylor, b.1782; son of Jonathan & Ann(Berry) Taylor- niece & nephew of diarist.
+Benjamin Taylor, brother of the diarist.-PFT]
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Colleciton, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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