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12, Moses finished railing in the Garden & began paling- I killed a pidgeon by Mountain Spring. J.Taylor & children here in evening & got Ind'n Plums.
13, Fair weather. Capt Burnley called where I was getting parsley seed, but did not come to the house- Moses (Sam Daniel) brought here sick, I think of the pleurisy- Got J.Clark to bleed him.
14, Moses (S.Daniel) continues very ill, I gave him 25 Grain Ipecac, but understand it operated downwards. Also gave Milley the same quantity for vomit, I gave her last Monday a dose of salts-she has complained of a pain in the head for about a week- J.Taylor & JosClark were here to look at Moses, the former thinks he ought not to be vomited- Several Showers early in the day & ab't 10 o'clock in the evening-
15, Moses continues sick- Milly has got well- Rainy in Showers All day- there has been no thunder, rather cool-
16, Rained in the night & showery till evening- I walked to J.Taylors- dined there- Rob't Taylor & family there- afraid of their children getting the Quinsey, which they suppose John Glassel has, who is at Uncle Taylor's- I walked with R.T. to Uncle Taylor's- Mr. & Mrs Glassel there with their son-who is not very ill- Capt & Mrs Burnley were also there- they went home-
17, [Sunday] I dined at J.Taylor's-Rob't Taylor &c there- I bought some Grass seed of Col Taliaferro's Jack for pr breeches. Cloudy day, a little rain in the evening.
18, Rainy night and very rainy day. S.Daniel continues very ill-
19, Wet night- showery fine rain- S.Daniel better- T.Mallory & son came to set up Hogsheads, I weighed 1 gammon, 1 Shoulder & 2 Midlings 40 1/2 lb bacon and sent to J.Clarks for their provision, pr Jack. Cleared about noon, which is agreeable after much wet &c. I gave a vomit to Davy this morning- he has complained of a Lax for several days- I killed 2 Fox Squirrels- J Clark Cut a good deal of Tobacco, very littl ebefore, he dined here.
20, Reuben Taylor walked here after breakfast did not stay long- I killed 2 grey Squirrels- I rode after dinner to Court house. A man in goal for murder. Bought for G.Taylor at Lee's, four Butcher knives at 9d. to cut Tob'o with. bo't for self 2 Lemons of Hansford 7 1/2 & pd 3 [?] for mending shoe. Cutting Tobacco in New ground- in old yesterday. Saw J.Pendleton at Court house, he came with his family to J.Taylor's to day from Culpeper. Weather Clear & warm. Night Hawk killed 1 old & 1 young Turkey last night.
21, I killed 1 Squirrel- Set Moses to getting rails for Yard & c. I hear C.Taylor got 22, home from Caroline last night, sent for him but he was gone from home- C.Dickinson came here to take account of work done and measured plastering &c- J.Taylor came by from Hub Taylor's who told him G.Taylor would be up next Sunday- he asked me to dine ith him- J.Pendleton & family & J.B. Pendleton were there. Young Quissenbery came to get overseers place, and mentioned one Cooper, who is a married man- Weather continues clear and warm.
23, Capt Conway, F.Conway jr- came with C.Taylor, and Reuben Taylor came by and brought some [Timothy?] seed. We went to Called Court on Trial of James Scott for the murder of one of James Johnson-said Scott was ordered for further trial to be sent to Richmond- Tho's Brightwell was tried as an accessory & acquitted. H.Taylor ret'd 30/- he borrowed last month.
24, [Sunday] I went to J.Taylor's to dinner, T.Barbour & wife got there from his father's. J.Pendleton & family & J.B.Pendleton there- Thunder & some heavy rain. My father got home from Caroline in evening.
25, Went with G.Taylor to Court- saw P.Merry who promised to pay off his bond next week. Maj'r Hite, Mrs Hite & child got to Court house in evening and proceeded to Col'o Madison's- Came home to dinner late- fine weather.
[Maj'r Isaac Hite, of "Belle Grove, Frederick Co.Va., son of Jost Hite, married Dec.31, 1782, Nelly Madison, b.Feb.14, 1760, daughter of Col.James and Eleanor Rose (Conway) Madison, and sister of President James Madison. PFT]
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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