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16, [Bottled?] 70 bottles of Persommon Beer, put a little sugar & Brandy in eachbottle. G.Shepherd did not come for horse. Weather fine & springing, peaches in full bloom.
17, Sent wheat to Mill pr George & Ben- 3 Bushels- U. Garton sent a Churn pr Chiles who car'd back 2 1/2 Bus Wheat which he charged for the Churn & a Souse Tub-had last winter. Rain about 10 o'clock and cont'd all day, much fell tho' moderate, some thunder-
18, Cloudy morning, windy - some thunder & a few drops of rain - I went with G.Taylor to C.Taylor's (Dr Charles T., WKA)- J.Pendleton & wife. T.Barbour & do. J.Taylor & James Taylor jr dined there - I had headach.
19, Some Clouds & windy & little [word deleted] rain - I continue feverish & unwell - Went with G.Taylor to Court house. Sold my horse for £27. to Geo Shepherd, his father agreed to Credit my father's asso't for the money. G.Shepherd came in the [word crossed out] evening & I delivered him the horse - The wind blew down Col.Alcock'c Battery to-day & a large dead cak near the [Run?] beyond Schoolhouse.
20, [Sunday] Very cool, windy & flying clouds - After dinner I went to J.Taylor's.
21, Frost - the Earth frozen out hope the fruit not killed - Clear & not so cold as yesterday. Making candles. Bro'r James came here, about noon, I gave him some seeds for him & J.Pendleton. J.Clark began to plant corn. Had some Rows of forward Corn planted at this end of the Field.
22, Rainy- Mr.H.Taylor came here to Breakfast & Mr.T.Bell after to go with my father to take And Bourns Deposition, but it rained, so that they did not go till after dinner, when they did that business at Alex Newman's. Finished making candles, 20 dozen - I rode to Court house. There was no Gen'l Muster. Saw Austin Webb who returned my Certificates with warr'ts for Interest drawn on them which business he did for me at the Auditors-
23, Clear pleasanr morning - I went with my father to Court house- the Col Madisons going to C.Taylor's, my father went with them and dined- Col.Madisons intended from there to Col L.Taliaferro's, Capt Conways & other places before [their?] return - Geo Shepherd likes the Horse well which he purchased of me and in Company with Gerard Banks & ____ Stubblefield- intends to set out tomorrow for Georgia - I gave him a letter to Mr.W.Gilbert - I dined at Hansford's. [* both named James- the younger, the President, WKA]
24, Cloudy, misty morning, a little rain at Night - G.Taylor went to J Taylor's where I also went and dined with his family-
25, J.Taylor, C.Taylor, J.Pendleton, T.Barbour & J.Taylor jr dined here- Capt. Burnley came after dinner - C.Taylor sent & got 2 1/2 Bus' Wheat, morning Rain & distant thunder.
26, Cloudy, misty & a little rain. Replanted Cucumbers &c. S.Mozingo came here in evening & bo't a Midling of old Bacon, 10 lb at 9d - I wrote to *W.Taylor, + Z Taylor & #John Finney - Chickens hatched yesterday. [*brother, + Cousin, # nephew-in-law, all in Ky.-WKA]
27, [Sunday] Cloudy, some fine rain and continued all day- My father's riding mare has a [word crossed out] Mare Colt - Mr. Waddill appointed to preach to-day but the rain &c prevented my going to Church.
28, Went with G.Taylor to Court & election. James Gordon & Hardin Burnley were returned, no opposition being made. Prettyman Merry paid me £9. Of which my father directed me to pay £3.13.3 to Charles Porter, which I did & give G.T's acco't Credit for £5.6.9. Wm Ingram had before given C.Porter an order upon G.Taylor for £29.10.3 - part of which £25.17.0 my father had assumed to pay Shepherd & Downey & was charged by them with that sum. Cloudy morning - Some Sunshine in the middle of the day. Great rain, Thunder & lightning at night-
29, Went with G.Taylor to Court, gave letters for Kentucky to John Bell to give [?] to Jos [or Jas.] Smith. Reuben Taylor sent this morning & had 2 1/2 Bus Wheat. Planted Irish Potatoes, Red next the Gate. Fine weather, clear & warm.
30, Had Irish Potatoes taken up from where they were buried when dug - Kept well . John Pendleton & family went home to live.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-Z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS [words underscored] ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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