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[81] 19
4, [Sunday] Went to Church, Mr. Waddill preached and gave notice that he should alter the day & preach there again next Sunday. After service went to J.Taylors to dinner. Del'd Sheos to some of the negroes.
5, Spence Mozingo putting up logs of Stable. Fine weather.
6, Spence Mozingo about Stable, put'g Logs & Hewing. Mr.Ingram came to see my father, he & J.Clark breakfasted here. C.Taylor bor'd ab't 2 lb Soap
7, S.M. Howing Stable, E.Spencer & Jos Woolfolk were here, the former got licen to marry. Bro'r James & Capt Burnley were here early this morning but did not stay to breakfast. G.Taylor got home in evening.
8, Rained a little this morning, Jos Clark was here to breakfast- G.Tay.or & self went to Col.Spencer's to his son's wedding, married to a Miss Wollfolk. There was a numerous company & an agreeable entertainment. Cloudy day but very little rain, S.Mozingo got laths & about Stable.
9, Heard the wolves howl below Capt Burnleys last night- Peter drew in slabs &c for the Stable, G.Taylor dined at C.Taylors. Davy finished Shoemaking, 20 pair.
10, Raised roof of Stable, G.Taylor went to Ja's Taylors & his family being gone to Mr.E Taylor's he went there to dinner, I went also, Thunder & a little rain in evening. I had a chill and afterwards a very high fever which cont'd with headach all night-
11, [Sunday] Still high fever & so unwell did not go to Church. G.T. went to Church
12, In better health, but still feverish, S Mozingo at Capt Burnleys & Moses with him. Took up & put in ia hole, about 5 bus Turneps.
13, Cov'd Turneps with bushes, fine weather. I rode to Hansfords in evening. S.Mozingo Covering Stable.
14, G.T. went to Lees Store & bo't 500, 10d Nails. Finished Cov'g Stable. Sawed the doors. Dark, cloudy & misty weather, good Even'g-
15, Cloudy & a good deal of rain, warm. S.Mozingo about Stable doors, &c, J.Taylor, C.Taylor, J.Pendleton & Jno Bell Spent the day here.
16, Rainy & warm, I went with G.Taylor & dined at J.Taylor's with only his own family &c.
17, Cleared last night & fine weather. Went with G.Taylor to Court house, bought some articles & paid for at Lees, G.T. dined at Alcocks, Met Rob't Taylor & wife going home.
18, [Sunday] G.Taylor & self went to Uncle Taylor, Aunt Taylor at Capt Burnley's J.Taylor, C.Taylor & H'd Taylor dined there. Capt Burnley & Mr.T.Bell came after dinner. Rob Taylor & wife at home-
19, Fine morning, Cloudy & a little rain after. S.Mozingo hot here. Moses ab't Rocks &c. Sent to Hd Taylors for a Cask he promised to lend to send for Cyder at ColBarbour's but nobody being at home was disappointed. Jos Clark's wife got 7 lbs Wool, the last.
20, Killed a black cow. G.T. gave a hind quarter to Jos Clark. cloudy dark day.
21, Fine day after a very windy night with Thunder, lightning & rain. Bro'r James came here as we were going to Court house, he gave me a writ against Col Burnley w'ch I delivered to Mr. Shepherd. There were some cotton & other things at Shepherds for G.Taylor, brought up by his waggon.
22, Spence Mozingo was here settled his acco't with G.Taylor, bal'ce due Mozingo 16/10 to this date. got the things from Shepherds.
23, Cool cloudy morning, good afternoon.
24, Went with G.Taylor to the store after dinner.
25, Dined with G.T. at C.Taylors, came home by J.Taylors.
26, Negroes went off with 2 Hnds Tobacco. Went with G.Taylor to Court. Reu Taylor paid me £5.15.0 the balance for money lent. Desired Capt Walker not to saw any more paling than now is sawed for G.Taylor, & spoke to Capt Herndon for Pine to Rive paling. Col.Spencer informed me that Mrs George would take 2/6 per lb for 40 lb feathers w'ch I agreed to buy if new [an?] good.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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