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[19] 17
28, J.Taylor, G,Catlett & J.Pendleton came by & we went with them to H.Taylors. Maj'r Moore, Col.Knox, Capt Burnley, C Taylor R'n Taylor & G.C.Taylor dined there. H.Taylor, Catlett & knox intend to sett out tomorrow on way to Fred'g Races-
29, I went with J.Pendleton, his wife & J.Taylor jr to Reu Taylors- G.C.Taylor was there, after dinner the men went to Courthouse to play at Fives &c-My father went to Courthouse, got mare shod & dined at Uncle Taylors- very cool evening-
30, [Sunday] No frost-very clear & fine morning, windy about 9 o'clock, near there was a little frost but not to do any injury here-
1, Slight frost- Reed a letter from Capt Johny Scott with a prescription for the Stone & Gravel- I got the herb arsesmart & made a strong decotion as directed. G.C.Taylor dined with us today-
2, Last night took the arsesmart decoction, but did not find any effect yet. G.C Taylor went to C.Taylors. Weather cloudy & warmer.
3, G.C.Taylor came here & went with my father & self to Maj'r Moores, C.Taylor & family, Reu'n Taylor & family & Miss Throckmorton were there. Warm [mornin?] cool and clear evening- Cut tobacco here-
4, G.C.Taylor went to C.Taylors, G.Taylor & self walked to J.Taylors, the family being abroad, G.T. went to C.Taylors. I returned & helped to make pen about the Spring. Smart frost today.
5, Went to my father to Col.Taliaferro's to the dancing school kept by Col Tatterson, Thirteen scholars, C.Taylor & wife, F.Taliaferro & family, Mrs.Dade & Geo Porter dined there.
6, No frost this morning. My father sent 3 ps Bacon to Bro'r James's who sent back a piece of fresh Beef. C.Taylor also sent a ps Beef- Went with my father & G.C.Taylor to Muster. No roll called. Saw Mr.Ingram there and gave him my fathers accot ag't him & C Porter. I gave note for teh goods I had of Maj'r Lee for the sum of £3.18.4 1/2 pay'ble 1, Jany. 1788.
7, [Sunday] Aurora Borealis last night & the night before. Weather warm & fine dined with G Taylor at C Taylors.
8, Rained a little, my father sent to J.Taylor & Ch's Taylor who came and dined here, also J.Pendleton, Bowie Pendleton, T.Barbour G.C.Taylor & Hardin Burnley-Nich's Bickers bought 6 lb wool for 6/- cash which paid G.Taylor.
9, Spence Mozingo came to work at 2/- pr day. Went with G.T. to J.Taylors, C.Taylor, G.C.Taylor, J.B.Pendleton & two Miss Caty Pendletons were there. Rained a little.
10, S.Mozingo came to work again this morning & went to Muster about noon. I went with G.Taylor to Muster-G.C.Taylor came here to dinner at night.
11, J.Clark came early & brought plantation acco't Agt G.Taylor, he, Capt Burnley & C.Taylor breakfasted here- G.Taylor & G.C.Taylor set off to Caroline- had closet & entry washed-
12, Capt Burnley breakfasted here, wanted a ladder to mend his chimney but ours did not suit. Frank went to mill with last old Corn, 3 bus.
13, J.Taylor breakfasted here, had rec'd a letter that bro'r Jonathan's Daughter, Rachel, was married to John Finney- I think he is a wortyy man. Cool, cloudy & windy morning, fine day after. J.Taylor spoke to borrow some brandy & sent a jug(about 2 gallons) which I filled. T.Barbour jr came here & said his brothers waggon was down & if we had a Cask to send for Gyder to his fathers would carry it, but having no Cask defer it to another opportunity- Tobacco cut here. S.Mozingo staid two nights past, went home-
14, [Sunday] Frost, went to Church, Mr.Waddill not there, Dined at J.Taylors, two Miss C Pendletons, J.Gaines, Jo Thomas jr & Alex Waugh jr dined there.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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