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[78] 16
7, Shot at two Hawks, killed neither. A Sheep died yesterday w'ch had been bitten by wolves. G.T. & self dined at James Taylors, H.Burnley, Jn'o Thomas, Bowie Pendleton & his sister there.
8, & 9, [Sunday] Dined at home-Great meeting below at Meeting house, but being too unwell I did not go.
10, Jos Clark was here early, 2 Bus Wheat to sow to day & 2 the lith, we dined at home. My father rode to H.Taylors & met there *Cousin Z.Taylor from Mrs Dangerfields, who came with him & got here by 12 o'clock, he dined here & staid till next day- [ *His first cousin, son of Zachary, who was brother of Col.George Taylor- W.K.A.]
11, Cousin Zachary, C,Taylor & myself rode to Courthouse, heard there was to be a Squirrel Barbecue at Capt Woods' Spring some of the party invited us & we went and dined there & ret'd to Hansfords. [ This Zachary, evidently home from Ky., on a visit. He married Alice Chew- W.K.A.]
12, We went to Mr.T.Bells, C.Taylor & family, Z.Taylor, Tom Jones, J's Burnley & * J's Taylor Jr. of Caroline dined there -It was agreed to have a Squirrel hunt and Barbecue at J.Leathers Spring next Friday. Weather remarkably warm & dry
13, I went with my father to J.Taylros & dined there. Mrs T.Barbour, Z.Taylor, Tom Jones, & J.Bell, Bowie Pendleton & his sister were there- warm & rained a little.
14, Cloudy morning0 Had Squirrel hunt but the morning being windy & cloudy killed but few-which we barbecued at Leathers Spring- G.T. round half a middling, 2 Quarts rum & some bread, & Capt Burnley got a quarter of shoat of Mrs.Leathers, we had 18 in company- Bror's Ch's & James, Hardin Burnley & J.Pendleton called by & played at Whist till sunset.
15, Weather changed cool, Spence Mozingo got 3 Bus Wheat for which he is to work Went to Hansfords in evening- R.Taylors house raised.
16, [Sunday] Morning cool-We dined at C.Taylors, Capt Conways two daughters came to stay while yr parents will return from Mrs Fitzhughs-
17, Some frost here-Went to Culpeper Court in Comp'y James & Reu Taylor, J. & Bowie Pendleton, W.Madison, John Bell & J.Heath- got there between 10 & 11 o'clock, Bought sundry articles of Garl'd Thompson w'ch I paid for- Int [W?] £6. & Cash 32/8- Returned at 4 o'clock with J.Taylor-heard the frost bit some vines a little this morning. Cloudy evening.
18, Very sore & unwell- cloudy day, rainy at night.
19, Prettyman Merry paid £32. in part of his 1st bond for £40. due June 1, last. G.C.Taylor got up from Hanover & went to C Taylors- Gathered Apples-weather cool.
20, Uncle E.Taylor; J Taylor; C Taylor; J Pendleton; *J.Taylor jr., Caroline; & G.C. Taylor dined here. Lent J.Pendleton my gun to go hunting for deer tomorrow. Moses & George began to saw Corn-house logs. [*Cen'l.James Taylor, of Newport, Ky. [S?].F.T.]
21, Dug some Sweet Potatoes.
22, Went to Hansfords. Geo Gatlett got there in evening.
23, Went to Church-dined at J.Taylors, Mrs Thomas, Capt Buckner & wife, Chs Taylor & Geo Catlett there- Jas Burnley came home with G.C.Taylor.
24, G Taylor let me have 4 guineas & I let him have hair a joe- 35/- in his favor A.Holmes called by with a Coat he made for me, paid him 12/- went to Court, saw Capt Walker, told him told him could not pay for paling till Jan'y he said he would wait till then. Little rain.
25 Cloudy morning & some rain. Geo Catlett & J.Pendleton came over & J.Taylor from Court, to dinner & C.Taylor, G.Catlett staid-
26, C.Taylor came in morning & bled G. Catlett, J Taylor & J Pendleton to dinner, G.Burnley & C.Taylor came after dinner, Ch's Dickinson & W.Mansfield came about business with G.Taylor & dined. Geo Catlett staid. , J.Pendleton,
27, G.Catlett went with G.Taylor & self to Ch's Taylors [?] went to J.Taylors.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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