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[72] 20,
June, 4, Col.Taylor, H.Taylor, Uncle Taylor, Bro'rs James, Charles & Reuben & Sterling Thornton, dined here & J.Pendleton. Killed Lamb. There was a smart Frost the 28th, May & 2nd, June & the weather uncommonly cold for the season, warmer to-day. [Col.James Taylor, of Caroline Co., b. Mar 20, 1703-d. Mar.1, 1784, was eldest brother of Col George Taylor, Erasmus Taylor, Mrs. Nicholas Battaile (Hannah), and Mrs Richard Thomas (Mildren), the children of Col.James and Martha Thompson Taylor, who have been mentioned up to date in these diaries-P.F.T.-]
5, Sheared some sheep. Rained a little. Bro'rs James & Reuben sent for plants. I planted Cashew seed.
6, Much rain & some thunder, growing weather. Jos Clark planted G.Taylor's crop.
7, Frank went with corn to Mill. Got ab't 3 Bushels Wheat from Quarter & had it washed. G.Taylor went to J.Taylors to dinner. Cloudy & very little rain.
8, Clear Windy day- Negro Judy, an old woman of G.Taylor's died- Toney & Moses made coffin. G.T. & self walked after dinner to J.Taylors. J.Thomas was there, we played at whist. Turkey hen hatched 7 young ones.
9, Jos Clark here to breakfast. Davy Sheared the rest of the sheep. Warmer than of late. After dinner went with my father to Hansfords. My brothers, Uncle Taylor & others there. we had some Lime punch. There was some playing at Fives. G.Taylor put 3/9 into my hands which I paid Hansford for 5 Bus.Shells had of him the 1st, instant. Saw Newspapers No.1, printed at Fredericksburg.
10, Went to Church, Mr.Waddill preached, the Congregation more numerous than have seen since winter. We went from Church to C.Taylors to dinner. J.Pendleton walked there after din'r. Rec'd note from C.Porter that he, Mr.Ingram & a Mr.Garner would be at Midland tomorrow morning to view their work etc.
11, Charles Porter, Mr.Ingram & W.Proctor came here. Mr.Carner took a slight view of the house &c but as there was no person chosen by G.Taylor present, declined doing anything now, and agreed to attend the next day after Orange Court next, when my father intends to have some person to whom the workmanship, price of work, &c about House, is to be left. Sent to Walkers Mill a bag of wheat by Frank & George for a bag of sand, the latter is returned with sand.
12, We went to Uncle Taylors to dinner. Col.Madison, Maj'r Madison, Maj'r [Hite?] & wife. Maj'r Moore & family. Ch.Taylor & do. R.Taylor & do. Capt Burnley & do & Jas Taylor & wife were there. [Col.Madison was James Madison Sr. WKA] [Col.James Madison Sr. was son of Ambrose Madison and his wife Frances Taylor, daughter of James & Martha Thompson Taylor, and sister of Col.George Taylor- "Maj'r Madison," was Maj'r Ambrose Madison, son of James Madison Sr "Maj'r [Rite?]" was Maj'r Isaac Hite who married Nelly, daughter of Col.James Madison Sr.- P.F.T.]
13, C.Taylor rode to store. Capt Burnley & family called ehre. I went with them to C.Taylor's. My father went there, also bro'r James & T.Barbour jr., Capt Conway got there on his way from Mountains in evening.
14. We went to Hansfords after dinner, J.Taylor & young men of his family, C.Taylor & sundry others there.
15, Jos Clark was here, breakfasted, & settled his Acco't with G.Taylor, who paid him off except a ballance of a few shillings. Capt Burnley dined w'th us & promised to go to Wilsons tomorrow. Very warm weather & dry.
16, Net C.Taylor at the Courthouse & went to Wilsons and from there went to Col.Burnley's to Dinner. He was from home, Mr.T.Bell, his wife & son John, W.Madison & Tho's Jones was at Col.Burnleys- We returned to Pive Battery & set off from thence about 7 o'clock- [Col.Burnley-Zachariah-was father of Capt Garland Burnley, who married Frances Taylor, dau. of Erasmus.-W.K.A.]
17, Rainbow about sunrise, Cloudy & some rain. Jos Clark was here in evening, gave him a letter to Maj'r Waugh requesting him to come to settle Mr.Ingrams price for building-John & Bowie Pendleton & T.Barbour walked here & staid 2 or 3 hours in evening. [Sunday]
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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