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[71] 9,
16, Went with J.Taylors family to Mrs Thomas's, dined there and eat Cherries, not full ripe. Geo.Porter dined there, very clear evening.
17, Moses & George went to C.Taylors to work-I went to Uncle Taylors, he & family were gone to Capt Burnleys, where I went to dinner. planted some box gourd seed. Hub'd Taylor was here to day & left some Cream Tartar, Salts, & a bottle Turlington.
18, Moses & George went again to C.Taylor-Thunder shower about 2 o'clock- Jos Clark planted this ground with Tobacco and intends planting twelve thousand at the Quarter tomorrow
19, Very clear morning- I went by Mrs Thomas's eat some Cherries, borrowed fishing pole & went to Dade's Mill fishing-caught but few. Moses getting posts for garden.
20, [Sunday] Went to Church, Mr.Waddill preached-paid 6/- to Maj'r Moore for my subscription to Mr.Waddill for the year past-a little shower of rain-Came by home & went to C.Taylors & dined. [Major Wm.Moore was full brother of Mrs.Erasmus Taylore and half-brother of Eleanor Rose Conway, mother of President Madison-W.K.A.]
21, Took salts- after dinner went to J.Taylors. Mrs Lee there- T.Barbour got there Saturday night from Richmond-says very dry below- Had some rain in the evening- appeared as if a good rain went below and but little above.
22, Caslow brought 7 young Turkeys hatched under a Dunghill den- set Moses about a Hen house.
[No entry for May 23rd,]
24, Went to J.Taylors, helped to make out Docket. J.Pendleton & wife returned from Culpeper, got there to dinner- T.Barbour & wife went to Mr Tatterson's dance.
25. Went again to J.Taylors to dinner. peas. Very good rain. Set up Horse rack & Blocks. Replanted Watermelons.
26, Reu Taylor called here, wants plants, was going to dine at Mr.T.Bells. Weather cool. [Thos Bell's wife, Elizabeth Taylor, dau. of Zachary & Eliz'h Lee, was 1st, cousin of diarist. -W.K.A.-]
27, Dined at Charles Taylors-[Dr Chas Taylor, brother- W.K.A.] [Sunday]
28, Went to Court, paid Capt Walker for 210 feet Walnut plank, 35/- also George Scott for 77 1/2 feet 2 inch plank 16/- Let Ben Porter have Int War'ts £12.12.6 & Abner Porter £8.7.6- for which they are to pay Cash by November or Dec'r next. G.Taylor came from Mr.F.Conways & got home today. [I think Francis Conway was step-son of Col.George Taylor and brother of Sarah Conway, the wife of Dr.Chas.Taylor.- W.K.A.]
29, G.Taylor & self walked to Court, came to E.Taylors to dinner-and home at night, mist rain in evening.
30, Rainy day. Reu Taylor dined here & got some plants in Cart.
31, Went to Court- Adjourned to Court in course.
1, Went to Court house with G.Taylor.Cart brought from Mr.Shepherd's 1 Sack Salt, 2 milk pans & Chamber pot which his waggon brought from Blairs-Also 5 Bushels Oyster shells from B.Hansford, who put 1 Bus on his own account. Bro'r James was at Courthouse and we came to his house and dined. Col.T Barbour & wife & Mrs Burnley were there. [Hansford kept a tavern or eating house at Orange C.H.-W.K.A.]
2, J.Taylor sent for G.Taylor & self, we went to dinner, Uncle Taylor, Rob't Taylor & family, Col.Barbour & wife were there-
3, Hub'd Taylor sent us word that his father was come up, we went there to dinner. Bro'rs James, Charles & Reuben were there- [Sunday]
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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