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[70] 8.
30, Went to Gen'r Muster. Wm.Gibson p'd 30/- for part of Walnut plank- I let C.Porter have 3/- on G,Taylors acco't. Ch.Taylor & self took 3 bottles each of red wine of Hansford for 12/8- I dined at Hansfords. George & Frank at work Levelling Garden. Weather very dry & warm. WmGibson said he would call by Jos Clarks to view Land my father wants to sell. Left off Flannel Jackett.
1, Peter went for the Wqlnut Plank from Walkers- I walked after dinner to Chs.Taylors who still complains of a cough & fever-
2, Peter car'd the Walnut Plank to Mr.Carties & got home in the evening, says G.Taylor's Cart broke, one wheel gave away, and he borrowed Cart of Capt Walker- Peter brought 3 Pine plank, two of them split, one very bad.
3, Peter ret'd Capt Walker's Cart &c- I went to C.Taylors in evening, he is better. J.Taylor went to Fred'g today.
4, Walked to Court House, bought of Mr.Shepherd 1/2 doz Deep plates & of Maj'r Lee a wraper & a Corkscrew, which I brought home with me. After dinner walked to J.Taylor's. I came away & he was not returned from Fred'g. Rained a little in evening. Frank brought Indian meal from Mill. George's house raising. Saw lightning bugs.
5, Went in evening to J.Taylors, he returned from Fred'g last night, says he saw B.Taylor who had his horse stolen last Saturday from Aunt Battaile's- friends well- no nes- [Hannah Taylor, sister to Col.George & Erasmus, m. Nicholas Battaile- W.E.A.-]
6, [Sunday] Dined at J.Taylor's-shower of rain-and rained in the night- not much.
7, Planted Cabbages & Sticking beans. Copied Poll of Orange Election- Saw Red Strawberry.
8, Dined at Ch's Taylors-Shower of rain- C.Taylor is getting better. Sent near 1/2 Bus Salt to Jos Clarks.
9, Rode to Mr.Ingrams, saw him & C.Porter, who came here in evening- I offered to settle the whole of their work done for G.Taylor at £125. They are to determine next Saturday- I car'd the Poll I copied to J.Taylors and went from Ingrams to the Mill to fish, caught but few- Jos Wood left a subpoena in Chancery, Lewis & Washington vs Thorntons Trustees &c for G.Taylor. Got Indian peas from Jos Clarks and planted in Turnip Patch. Eat Cherries at Ingrams, nearly ripe.
10, Went down the run to Mozingos to fish, caught only two- Cloudy & drops rain. Replanted Melons, sowed Cabbage, Cresses &c.
11, Jos Clark breakfasted here, Cloudy & windy-a little rain in evening. Scattered Turnep seed in Melon Patch.
12, Planted a fe Red Potatoes in Bean Patch. Cloudy morning, rain in evening. Went to Muster, Dined at Hansfords, who has just got his Five Battery built. Saw Mr.Ingram at Muster who said he could not agree to take £125. for ihis work, and that he had fixed on Mr Carnett of Spotsylvania to set a price upon his work. I bought 12 yds of Drill at 2/- of J.Lee on credit.
13, Dined at J.Taylors, T.Barbour & his wife had got there before me from Culpeper Cloudy & mist.
14, Mr.Ingram came here to breakfast, and put Locks on Cupboard Doors- I shot two partridges- C.Taylor was here when I came in-we had a bowl of Punch & he dined here. Cloudy.
15, I dined at C.Taylors, Miss M.Conway & M.Fall were there, they came up from Capt Conways- Some slight showers-
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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