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[69] 7.
14, Planted Sweet potatoes-Cucumbar, Musk & Watermelon seed in the patch- The Watermelon all of one sort, black seed, red pulp. G.Taylor & F.T. went to Capt Walkers Mill. Fished some time, Uncle E.Taylor, Jas Taylor, Rob't Taylor, T.Barbour & Jas Taylor jr. went and dined at Capt Walkers, Wm Walker's son William was there, I looked at some Walnut plank and am to have if I send for it. came home at night.
15, Weather changed cool, continues very dry. G.Taylor & F.T. went to J.Taylors & dined.
16, Weather cool & smoky, rode to H.Taylors who intends to Mr Graves's to-morrow. Graves sent words he intends to move for Kentucky in a day or two.
17, Sent George with my keg to Mr.Graves's with Hub'd Taylor for some Toll Brandy he brought my keg about 8 gallons full-
18, Rained a little in the night & morning-but soon left off- Sent & got 3/4 of a shoat from Jos Clarks. planted 17 Peach Cyons along the fence.
19, Rob't Taylor, T Barbour & J.Taylor jr. came here with guns to hunt. I went with them. H.Taylor & I went to where Mr.Bell is raising Limestone, Maj'r Moore was there & asked us to dine with him w'ch we did & ret'd in evening.
20, Frost- Ground frozen this morning- there has been several smart frosts this week.
20 Uncle E.Taylor, Rob't Taylor & James Taylor dined here-had plenty of Punch- Hub'd Taylor called after dinner and says Graves is to set off tomorrow & will bring up balance of Toll Brandy by here.
21, Went to Squirrel Barbecue where Mr.Bell is raising Limestone, C.Taylor, E.Taylor, J.Taylor, Mr.T.Bell & his sons, T.Barbour, J.Taylor Jr., Rob't Taylor, Hub Taylor, Reu Taylor, Maj'r Lee & John Moore were there & we fared well.
22, [Sunday] Last night very cold wind, Ice 1/4 Inch thick this morning, killed leaves and fruit. Reu Taylor & John Moore dined here, after Dinner H.Taylor called & Mr.Graves brought the balance of the Toll Brandy, Sent a keg of it to J.Taylors & brought a jug here- suppose the keg 5 or 6 Gallons & Jug near 2 Gallons 7 Quarts- Mr.Graves was moving to Kentucky- saw John & Bowie Pendleton & Mr.Tutt going to J.Taylors. Lent H.Taylor 8/- to pay Mr.Graves. Ch's Taylor & family got home.
23, Went to election. Hardin Burnley got 325. T.Barbour 229. Gordon 224 & W.Moore 131 votes. Lost my bets with C.Porter on the Election & had a bottle of Wine- Capt Powell & Col'o Hill came with us from Election.
24, Capt Powell & Col Hill went away after Breakfast. G.Taylor & self went to Court and came to Uncle Taylors to dinner. C.Dickinson came at night. I paid 6/7 1/2 to Rob't Wilson for 1 Currycomb & brush & 1 doz Lemons.
25, C.Dickinson went to Mr.Cowherds, we not being ready for him, and says he will return when done there. Rain about 8 o'clock- Went with G.T. to E.Taylors, John & Rob't & their wives, Capt Burnley & wife. W.Morton & Jas Taylor & Wm Moore dined there. Thunder, Lightning, a fine shower of rain & some hail, till night. we came away. [Wm Morton md. Mildred, dau of Erasmus Taylor, W.K.A]
26, I rested badly last night, very unwell in morning, [C?] and then feverish, continued all day. Cloudy & a few drops of rain. Planted Irish Potatoes.
27, C.Taylor came here to Breakfast. G.Taylor set off for Caroline- Weather clear. I am in better health to-day. Jas Taylor came here about 11 o'clock but did not stay long. Planted Water Melon & other seeds. Walked to J.Taylors in even & returned.
28, Went by J.Taylors & his son James went with me to Walkers Mill where we fished Wm Gibson came there & we sorted Walnut Plank, 25 of Capt Walkers 210 feet inch thick- 1 of Mr.Scotts 11 1/2 feet 2 inch thick & 7-77 1/2 feet 1 inch thick. Gibson to make 4 Tables for F.T. and to have the remain'g plank to be settled
29, Went to Church, Mr.Waddill preached. Dined with Reu Taylor & wife at Hub'd Taylors. Mrs Madison sent some Turkey eggs by Peter w'ch he brought the 30th in the morning.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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