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[62] 1.
Note-Leaves lost from original to this date.
17, Uncle E.Taylor & bro'r James came up to dinner, also W.Madison & wife. Maj'r Moore rode up the County & ret'd at night.
18, Uncle B.Taylor, J.Taylor & F.T. staid till dinner and then camedown. left W.M. & his wife there, fine weather. Roads much better than when went up-
19, J.Pendleton, his wife & N.Taylor went to Reuben Taylors, J.Taylor, his wife & F.Taylor went to Uncle E. Taylors. Aunt Thomas got there at the time we did. I was at Midland. Mr Ingram went to get Shingles to part of Dairy & for necessary house &c. James Caines here at night-
20, Went to Midland-Mr Ingram told me he had got 1,600 Shingles. J.Pendleton &c ret'd from R.Taylors. Turned cold & cloudy at night and a little rain last night.
21, Went with J.Taylor to Hub'd Taylors. he came up with Miss Nancy Minor & Alice Taylor yesterday-Capt Burnley was there to dinner. Ret'd 2 Magazines & a Novel & borrowed 2 novels-a little rain.
(Note- Alice, was Hubbard T's sister, son & dau. of Col.James Taylor of Caroline Co.- Nancy Minor was probably sister-in-law of Hubbard T. W.K.A.)
22, Cloudy, cold and fine rain.-
23, Same kind of weather. At night I had the Toothack violently.
24, Aunts Taylor and Thomas came to J.Taylors to dinner, cloudy and some rain. Toothach and fever with it continued very severe till the evening when I was a little easy.
25, Aunt Thomas & the women from bro'r James's went to Capt Burnleys-Aunt Thomas & Molly Taylor staid all night-I went to Court, very dirty weather, some hail, rain & snow. My father came up from Col.J.Spots-woods to Court. (Molly daughter of James and niece of the diarist, m. Thos. Barbour, W.K.A
26, I went to C.Taylors to breakfast-C,Taylor, Capt. Conway & the two Miss Madisons there. I went to Midland after breakfast. Mr.Ingram raised the frame of the necessary house, want more plank-Cloudy & some rain.
27, Weather still cloudy & rainy. G.Taylor came to J.Taylors to dinner-Reuben Taylor & G.C.Taylor called by to dinner on their way from Court house. Reuben Taylor told G.T. he had sold his Wench Alice & her children to John Leathers. The weather cleared in the evening & cooler.
28, Froze last night but not very severe-not quite clear. G.Taylor dined here & went to C.Taylors afterwards.
29, Snow in morning, hail & rain, sleet but not deep. I went to Midland, saw Mr.Ingram who carried some of his Tools home-I went from there to C.Taylors and returned in evening-Many pidgeons flew Southwardly. Geo. Taylor let me have £12.5.0. which is placed to his Cr. He also put two bonds from P.Merry to him for £40. each, dated Dec'r 6, 1786, one payable 1, June next, the other the 6, Dec'r 1787.
30, A good many pidgeons settled in the morning, I killed four-G.Taylor & self went to Uncle E.Taylors to dinner. G.T.returned to C.Taylors. very warm afternoon.
31, Went to Midland with J.Taylor. Mr.Ingram and two apprentices getting boards for the necessary house. Jos. Clark & Geo Taylor were there. G.Taylor came to [J.T's?] to dinner. Miss S.Madison came in evening to set off down-
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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