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on its completion, Col. Frank went there to live with his father. he seems to have previously resided with his bro.James, the Clerk of Orange, whose deputy he was- As the new place required a name, they 1st called it "Collina," in a few months this was changed to "Middleburn-" & later in the year to "Midland" which it retained-
When Lewis B.Williams bought it, he called it "Yatton".
G.C.Taylor was George Conway Taylor, 1/2 brother of Col.Frank.
February, 8, A Mrs Gaines died.
January 19, A.Haptinistall at Jas Taylors- (Note) This person was chain carrier for Col Hancock Taylor in Kentucky in 1774, when he, Taylor was mortally wounded by an Indian at what was afterwards Louisville[?] and assisted in removing him. Col.Taylor made his will before dying, leaving Haptonstall a good deal of property. He lived for a long time at Col.Richard Taylor's near Lexington[?] and died there.
Note by P.F.T., Collins' History of Ky. states that Hancock was wounded when near the mouth of the Kentucky River. Col. Richard Taylor lived and died near Louisville and it was there that Haptonstall lived with him,
March 13, Nancy Taylor went to school for the first time. She afterwards married Th. Crutchfield- Jan'y 8, 1799. She was daughter of James, the Clerk. Her son Albert G.Crutchfield was husband of Mrs Fannie T.Crutchfield who was daughter of John T.Moore, who married Fannie T.Barbour, sister of Mordecai Barbour.-
John T.Moore was son of Maj. William Moore.
Mrs Crutchfield was living in Evansville Ind. in 1893, aged 76.
March 17, Col.Richard Taylor son of Zachary and father of Con.Zachary, m mentioned as living in Kentucky.
18, J.P.Adams, expected to address Lucy Taylor.
19, Zachary Taylor in Kentucky.
Robert Terril (father of Edmund, father of the present (1893) John Terril) died. he lived a few miles below the C.H. toward Fredericksburg.
April 10, Mr. William Bell died some time ago.
12, Mr. James Caines was Sheriff of Orange County.
14, John Moore mentioned.
16, Rev.Mr.Leland famous Baptist, preached the funeral of Robert Terrill.
26, Election day,
29, William Madison (General) went to housekeeping in Madison (at "Woodbury Forest,") m. Frances Throgmorton (Patsy)
May 9, Indians very troublesome in Ky. They killed a school-teacher at Edmund Taylor's, who had ten armed men to guard his place.
June 30, William Shepherd (son of Andrew) left for Edinburgh to study medicine.
July, 1, About this time Edmund Taylor of Ky. named above, died of colic.
He was son of Col.George and brother to Col.Frank of these pages.
Sept.5. John Taylor, son of Erasmus, married Nancy Gilbert.
12, Rev'd Mr. Alex'r Balmaine of Winchester addressing Lucy Taylor, daughter of Erasmus.
25, T.Perkins died.
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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