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Maj'r Frank Taylor of 2d, Va.Continental Regiment, after the War called "Colonel", Author of these Diaries was born in 1747-his Father was George, brother of Erasmus. He had 7 brothers in Revolution. He lived for some time with his brother James, who was Clerk of Orange Co., he was deputy. He afterwards lived with his father at "Midland" (where Lewis B.Williams formerly lived) on West base of Quaries Mt.-Maj.Frank never married; he died in 1799, his will on record at Orange C.H.
The Rob't Taylor, Orten mentioned was son of Erasmus, he married Miss Pendleton and was a lawyer. He lived at "Redbud" and afterwards at "Meadow Farm". He was bro- to Rizabeth Taylor, who md A.Glassell.
Maj'r W.Moore was son of John Moore and Mrs Rebecca Conway (widow of Francis Conway) he was 1/2 brother of Nelly Conway, mother of Pres't Madison, and full brother to Ja ne Moore who md. Erasmus Taylor- Major Moore's children were: Polly, who mar. Capt.Richard Barbour, Mar 22, 1796- & Frances Catlett Moore, who md. Jas. Taylor on Dec.22, 1795- Rebecca Moore, who md. Reuben Taylor, son of George, was also his daughter - His sons names were: William, John, Robert & Thomas- He was Magistrate-, lay reader- God-father to 2 of Mr.Madison's Bros. in 1760-62. He lived on Church Run (where Erasmus Taylor's family now- 1892 reside). His wife's name was Mary Throckmorton, Aunt of Frances, wife of Gen.Wm.Madison.-
Erasmus Taylor's estate was called "Green Fields"- in letters of his son, John Taylor.
The "Walker's Mill", often named, was about two miles above Madison Mills, on the Rapidan: it was destroyed many years ago & was called the "Punch Bowl Mill" from an aboriginal excavation in a rock on the Orange side of the river, opposite, about size of punch bowl.
Dade's Mill was on Rapidan about two miles below Madison Mills and was afterwards known as "Peyton's": it was destroyed by a flood in 1862.
Capt. Dade lived at the Lodge, near the Mill.
Benj.Porter lived where the Bartleys now [1892?] live.
Maj.William Madison, where [1892?] Robert S.Walker lives.
Dr.Chas.Taylor, near where Fountaine Kennedy lives [1892], the old house burned many years ago.
Capt.Conway, where the Grenshaws live [1892?]
Bras. Taylor at the Scott place, now owned [1905] by Dick Booten- Col.T. [homas] Barbour, was father of Judge T.T.Barbour and of Cov. James, his wife was a Thomas. He lived near Gordonsville- his son, James, afterwards Governor [of Va.] was Deputy Sheriff for several years.
Mrs Gaines was Aunt, or Mother, of General (Edmund Pendleton] Gaines. The grand-father of Mrs John Moore was a Gaines.
Edmund Taylor of Ky., brother of Diarist, died about July 1, 1786.
[He married Sarah Stubbs and left a large family, among whom: Mary Taylor, married her cousin, Col.Richard Taylor Jr., son of Commodore Richard Taylor] John Taylor [son of Erasmus] married Miss [Ann] Gilbert Sept 2, 1786 and after his Father's death & her own, returned from Georgia & Rockingham to his father's.
The house Erasmus Taylor lived in was East of the brick house built by Mr. Thomas Scott-about two hundred yds distant. Erasmus Taylor was called "Eraz."
Thomas Bell married Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Zachary & Elizabeth Lee. She was sister to Col.Richard Taylor-
In 1786, Geo. Taylor, brother of Eras & father of Col.Frank, the author of these pages built a new house, two story, said to have been the first two-story house in that section of the County, at the Western base of Quarles Mt. about two miles East of Orange C.H., near the old Turnpike leading to Fredericksburg. (Note, Col.James Madison's 2 story Brick house was much older)
From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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