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9, [Continued], for 200 dollars Mr.Triplett promised to pay me, he told me that he was to pay the money to D.Triplett for Jos'a Willis. I agreed to wait till our Court, at which ime he said he would certainly pay me the money, he returned.
10, Clear & very severe frost- Ice full 1/2 inch thick on the pigg(?)nof water. Had a small Plant bed burnt by Spring house, & had Cabbage, Lettuce, Radish & Onion seeds sown there. C.Taylor went after breakfast to his place, returned to dinner, went after dinner & returned at night. Davy was yesterday & to day at J. Taylor's making shoes- Harry was here yesterday, nobody to day in his place.
11, Slight Frost- moderate- thin clouds part of day and smoky in evening. J.Taylor was here early. Got medecine of C.Taylor and returned before breakfast. Brought Corn stalks with Cart out of Wheat patch. Finished breaking up Corn ground & began to List. Had 15th Hhd Corn taken out. C.Taylor went to Barnetts ford to see ___Addison and intends from thence to Capt Conway's. I walked in evening to J.Taylor's- The waggon not come to carry J.Taylor jun'rs things. Had most of my Bacon packed in Ashes. Turned Yearlings out of meadow.
12, Warm smoky morning. Y. Peter Unwell, gave him a dose salts. After breakfast walked to J.Taylor's. J.Taylor jun'r Loaded Z.Herndon's Waggon with his goods & after dinner the Waggon, his negroes & three of Brother James' set out on their journey to Kentucky- Bro'r James went with J.Taylor jr, they all intend to Mr.Barbour's to night. Mrs Burnley & two young daughters, Rd.Noel, Zach. Herndon & George Lee( the Wagoner ) dined at J.Taylor's. I saw Reuben Taylor at J.Taylor's- he got home yesterday, said he delivered our Patents to Register & received out plats. C.Taylor came here from Capt Conway's in evening.
13, Saturday, A little rain last night. Aurora Borealis- Cleared before noon moderate. Had Irish potatoes taken up yesterday out of a hole in the Garden and Sweet potatoes to day, they had kept tolerable sound- C.Taylor went after breakfast to J.Taylor's to see a sick negro child- went home- back & dined at J.Taylor's- came here in evening.
[For 14th and 15th see below]
15, Malachi Atkins went for his wife yesterday at J.Henderson's, said she was not well this morning- got 1 Qu Whiskey. J.Taylor sent Grandison with a pot & got 22 lb lard. Let Wm Bell have, p/r Davy, 2 Gammons, 26 lb Bacon. Picked the Geese, got about 4 1/2 lb feathers from 32, vizt 10 Geese, 22 Ganders - 3 Geese setting, total 35. C.Taylor came, got some Ammunition & went on to his place.
16, Very warm- fair,smoky and dry weather. I trimmed part of my Orchard. C.Taylor came by here, went to his place, returned to dinner- and to J.Taylor's in evening. Patrick Bell was here this morning & cut 3 yearlings- 1 Cow yearling and those cut marked- total 4. James Bell(C.H.) Sent Hanover to borrow my Cart which I lent to carry a bed & chairs to Col.Alcock's- the Cart was returned at night.
17, Clouds in morn- fair noon- warm smoky, a few drops of rain at dark. Had 16th Hhd Corn taken out of New house. Had beans planted in Garden, 3 Rows of early, the other Saddle strap, Also Cucumbers & sundry kind Climbling by Asparagus- thunder & Sprinkle of rain in night.

14, Slight frost, Moderate fair day, hazy evening. After breakfast, C.Taylor walked to J.Taylor's to see sick negro child- soon after C.Taylor was gone, Reuben Taylor called here, took my letters for Brother William and Nephew William Taylor, he was on his journey to Kentucky, intends joining Maj'r J.Taylor &c. I walked to J.Taylor's, C.Taylor walked with me by Aunt Taylor's(where we saw Maj'r Moore ) to the Court house(being sermon day)There was very few met & no service- Mr O'Neil was there. I paid him four dollars, being my Subscription last year. I paid A Shepherd jr 16 Cents postage L're from F.STaylor rec'd ten days ago. C.Taylor & I came to JTaylor's to dinner- Bro'r James- T.Crutchfield & wife, at T.Barbour's- R'd Noel & wife & Mr Verdiere came to J.Taylor's. Also C.Taylor's wife & chlidren from Cap.Conway's
15. Fair,Warm,smoky very dry- Peach trees are nearly in full bloom[SEE ABOVE]

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUESTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT.

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