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20, Cold cloudy mist with a little fine rain. C.Taylor rode my mare after Breakfast, intending to Col Madison's- G.C.Taylor went to J.Taylor's, returned after dinner & went by Mrs Burnley's to go with Sally Burnley,*Salley & *Betsy Taylor to a Ball at William Bell's.Reuben Taylor came here and dined with me, told me he had a son born the 16th- his wife well &c. Had 4th Hhd Corn taken out. Tom making yard gate. [* daughters of Dr.Charles Taylor-WKA] [#Benjamin, son of Reuben Taylor, born Feb.16,1799-PFT]
21, Cold mist last night, ice on trees & cloudy all day. I staid at home all day Reuben Taylor called here going & returning from Court house,wanted to see C.Taylor about butter &c. C.Taylor & G.C.Taylor came here from the Bal about midnight, it was raining small.
22, Friday, Small rain & hail in morning, cleared before noon & changed very cool and clear. C.Taylor went away after breakfast,coing to Capt Conway's. Reuben Taylor sent Sam & got a pot of butter,which was bought for C.Taylor- he to pay A.S.jr for it. James Taylor & John Pendleton came here, afterwards C.Bell Also Alex'r Shepherd jr,whoc had been to the office- they dined here- After dinner _____Gilmer came here, he & G.C.Taylor staid- C,Bell went away before night,the others about 10 o'clock.
23, Very cold last night, clear & hard frost- G.C.Taylor & _____Gilmer went away after breakfast, said intended to Capt Conway's. Had 5th Hhd Corn taken out. I had fever last night- slept bad. J.Taylor's girl borrowed Tin pan of flour, do 2d March. Gave Young Peter Dose Salts.
24, Sunday, Clear & hard frost, cold windy day. I believe J.Taylor and family went to T.Barbour's. T.Crutchfield & wife went to Spotsylv'a las Wednesday. I staid at home alone all day- Expected G.C.Taylor from Capt Conway's in evening.
25, Monday, Hard frost and very cold day, some clouds- clear in the evening. Capt Jas Alcock came here to see Doct'r Taylor. I waited with him expecting C.Taylor & G.C.Taylor,who did not call on their way to court,where we went & saw them- I fear Mr Triplett will disappoint me,as he did not pay me anything to day-J.Taylor jr bought a horse & wanted to Exchange 100 dollars bank notes for Specie- He got Doct'r Shepherd to do it for him for the present & promised to exchange with Dr. Shepherd if he desires it. Capt C.Conway, C.Taylor, & G.C.Taylor came with me from Court- they came from C.Conway's in morn.
26, Thin clouds and little snow in morn,& in evening & night Snowed briskly- fell 4 or 5 inches deep. I sent a Bull's hide 34 & a small hide 8 1/2 lb by Essex to Mr. Shepherd's for Mr Collins to Tan for me, he spoke about it yesterday. Doct'r Shepherd called here, C.Taylor & he went to see Mrs Alcock(Pamunkey) Capt Conway went home, G.C.Taylor to Office, Reu Taylor called here, and after J.Taylor jr they went away & returned with G.C.Taylor & Chas Bell, who all dined here- William Drope came in evening from Capt Conway's & C.Taylor ret'd at sunset- J.Taylor jr & Reuban Taylor went away, the rest staid.
27, Ceased snowing before day, Cloudy hazy morn, not cold. I sent Moses & Martin to McKinney's Mill, got 2 bags Corn ground. Moses got a Bus' Bran & paid 9d for it. Afater Breakfast, C Taylor went to Baldwin Taliaferro's to see Miss M.Conway's John- G.C.Taylor & C.Bell went to the Office- they all returned to dinner, also Reuben Taylor & Maj'r Moore- Mr.George Gilmer returned from Fredericksburg & here to dinner- Wm Drew went with C.Bell to Mrs Bell's, where he he is to board- Mr.Gilmer, C.Taylor & G.C.Taylor staid. I paid G.C.Taylor 31/4 1/2, a balance I owed for Tom's work- Sold him a pair Shoes for Wm Drew 6/-
28, Thin Clouds,some sunshine, snow melted consdierably. C.Taylor was semt for by Maj'r McKinney & went to visit Mr Jacob McKinney. Lent G.C.Taylor 2 half Joes $4.10.8, when he was going to Wythe County. J.Taylor came from T.Barbour's and over to dinner. After dinner, G.C.Taylor & Geo Gilmer went to J.Taylor's with him-intending as far as Mrs Macon's this evening, On their way over the ridge.Mr Uriel Mallory came here in evening and dined- Ch's Taylor at night- they staid.

From the TAYLOR DIARY, #1907-z in the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina Library, Chapel Hill. FOR REFERENCE ONLY: PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE REQUSTED. WARNING: MOST MANUSCRIPTS ARE PROTECED BY COPYRIGHT.

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